Budget, budget, BUDGET!

Hey there! I think I am feeling pretty confident to start video blogging again. I am not in a place where I can do much of that, unless I got out to my car and make all my videos from out there but I am not sure if I want to do that. Anyway, I am going to be writing on some of the budget lists that I have been coming up with one being food, the other being money. I thought that I had a second one but I guess not. Hmm. I didn’t mean second I meant third and I am too lazy to go back and erase all of that so you’re just going to have to read it. But anyway this is the pre-post for those topics and I will be coming on here soon to start writing on them. I hope to get a lot more posts in for the journal other than just once in a while. Well I am going to be back with those topics shortly, thanks.

Okay, so what happened was…

I am so lazyOkay, so what happened was I was supposed to have already had a challenge for October and November lined up but something happened…laziness came over to spend the night and ended up staying for a few weeks. That ended up pushing me back with writing more than I expected because I had to wait on him hands and feets (I mean feet). Sorry. At least I have an excuse though, even if you don’t believe it so yeah. But I really had a challenge lined up for October and something was going to come to pass (or past) for November but things aren’t looking to go in that direction. I am going to keep looking for things to do for my October challenge, even it is one that I find. I wanted to track my 21 day cleanse that I was doing from the Simple Green Smoothie website but I am not sure my body is ready for that but I need to start sometime soon.

I can’t keep pushing back my health because I am not sure if now is a good time to start. I guess you don’t have to prepare yourself for a cleanse though, you just step right into doing it hmm. Anyway, because I am not sure if I am going to have that challenge in the position that I want it I think I may, WAIT! The real reason I didn’t do that 21 day cleanse in September because when I found out about it, I wouldn’t have had enough days in September to do it and I had signed up to start the 30 day smoothie challenge for October from Simple Green Smoothie so that is what really happened. I wanted to push the 21 day cleanse to October and just do the smoothie challenge in November, even though Thanksgiving is in November. I am not worried about missing out on yummy Thanksgiving specials because my health is more important than sweet potatoes and turkey with gravy. I got to get this folks, I really do. I don’t want my blog to be all confusing though so I am going to come on here and organize the next challenges that I am going to do on here so my posts won’t seem so cluttered. See you soon loves and I may end up borrowing a challenge from someone’s blog just for fun. <3

30 day writing challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Relationship to food

Relationship to food? Well it’s a love hate relationship, the one that everyone has. I LOVE that my favorite foods taste so good and I HATE that my favorite foods make me grow in unfriendly places…like my stomach, arms and thighs but sigh. I digress. I try to do my best with making sure to not focus on searching for diet foods and more on searching for better ways to be active and eating enough so that I don’t snack all the time. It seems like nowadays everyone has a gimmick or trick to losing weight and dieting. Well for me, with the many things that I researched I have come to the conclusion that all these plans are just things that you should already be doing. Whenever time becomes an issue, things get out of hand you get stressed and stop doing the natural routines that you should be. I was starting to feel like people nowadays care more about their bodies and having nicely cut abs than anything else and I almost was going to follow behind that too. I just don’t think I would feel so comfortable chasing after workout crazed people or diet fads. I want to do things that are right and comfortable to me. I am not knocking those who really need help with sorting out dieting and such and who seek consultants, THIS IS GREAT DON’T STOP SEEKING HELP. But as for me, I am very aware of what I need to stop and start doing and things will work out for me in that department soon. I would rather start loving and working on myself now than to change whenever this situation changes.

Tuesday: Workout/Food Diary #9

In the gym:
-No gym this morning

-Orange juice
-Ham & cheese omelet

-Apple juice
-Banana walnut cake slice from Starbucks

-Spicy turkey slices
-Dressing, 2 servings

In the gym:
-33 minutes on the elliptical (242 calories burned)
-30 minutes walking the track

-Ice tea