When you don’t feel right, you don’t blog right.

So there you go. I haven’t been feeling all in one place lately that and as you can tell, I have been stuck in one place at work since August with little break time. Now that I have some time for breaks I am working on what my plans for everything is. I must sound pretty silly to keep mentioning about “plan this” and “plan that” and nothing has come to past. I would like to think that now I have a better motive for going this route…I have to. Before in the past, me actually doing this wasn’t first priority but now with the change that I had to go ahead and accept I decided to start making this whole idea TOP PRIORITY. Why though? Like what’s going on? So much is going on as of now and I just need time to think and write. I need time to think and write about stuff. But yeah I will be explaining everything happening with me. Still working towards getting a place to stay but I am still cramped up. Writing is impossible almost because all I want to do is sleep and eat. Ugh! I will be back, trust me I will be.

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