I got to clean up what I messed up…

And by that I mean these web domains because everything is getting out of hand. I come on my page and I am just like, “this is so boring, it is so bland and there is so much I need to clean up on here…”. I do research for other blogs out there that would be popping and I get to nothing. Almost everything that I came across was pretty much a dish of repetitiveness and I really dislike that. There were some mommy blogs that I came across that had content similar to mine, meaning they were making post to in some way, “interact” with their viewers which is what I am working towards doing. I am very interested in putting out content that will bring in more viewers and interactive people but I am not for selling my attention to Hollywood to do it. I made it clear that I didn’t want to be a celebrity blog, though I gave my opinion on many things concerning celebrities. I made it clear that I didn’t want to be a advice blog, though this kind of is but in a way that I am doing my best to tell a story rather than do, “advice on: boys, love, family, make-up…etc”. And finally, I made it clear to myself that I just wanted to be free and not worry about getting 415+ comments on my posts, 1,515,529 likes on Facebook and 2,562,682 or 2.5m followers on InstaGram. I sadly, lost that passion somewhere along the way. I started deleting all of my social networks and the ones that I did have, I was super quiet on them so it was like I was shy and quiet in person as well as on my social media. I got annoyed and just went through and deleted all of them…and now I am starting over again. Why? I’m doing it for VINE…just kidding I am doing it for my business. I just can’t stop thinking about the many possibilities that I can gain from putting in work towards this idea. I think I have been putting this opportunity off for way too long and now that things are changing up in my personal life, I can see where God is making arrangements for me to do so again. I am determined this time not to fail God and not to fail myself. If He gave me this talent, not using it is a sign of ungratefulness I wouldn’t want to hurt God like that. I mentioned a second job, maybe this could be it and then I could make plans for school again. I have been receiving some pretty harsh heartbreaks over the past few days and even though my mind keeps playing them back for me I just keep telling myself that, “it wasn’t mine if I couldn’t get it” and “God Can’t Fail”. No, things haven’t been working out in the best way for me but I am still here and I thank God for the blessing of another chance at life. I am going to be making changes to all tree of my main sites and the others respectively. Though this site came first, it isn’t a business like the other three are considered and the last three are family businesses. So. With that said, don’t wish me luck but pray for me. PEACE.

Finally giving in.

Yes, I am finally giving in and I am going to soon and VERY soon purchase me a [LEGAL] copy of Adobe Creative Suite. There is a one year trial that you can try and I hope to pieces that it doesn’t blow the small computer that I have now! I just couldn’t take it anymore, meaning with this plain and simple website design and I just want to try my luck. I really want to see if I can come up with something that is more me. I haven’t been able to find a simple layout that was cute and that I felt could handle my word heavy posts. I am going to be sketching out some designs soon as I get a good enough break. I really am hyped about doing this and I really hope that I can come up with my mom’s site as well. She’s been waiting so patiently and I have been promising a completed website but with the lack of resources, money to pay someone else to do it, cockiness if someone else got around to doing it and lack of confidence in [AND FEAR OF] my own skills I have just been putting it off. Yeah I know. But I am, HAVE, been thinking of all types of things that I could possibly do with the program and PRAY that I can get around to getting it and playing around with it soon. Wish my luck and I will let you know what is going on!

And Photobucket said, “bandwidth exceeded.”…

What? What do you mean bandwidth exceeded!? I am barely on my site anymore and that was because I have been working on something else…which is still not finished! I hate this layout, I hate the lost in interest and I hate the fact that I can never seem to come up with a design that just screams…me. I am guessing all the spam bots caused my bandwidth to go sour, that I do use a lot of images. I am not sure what would happened if I linked them on my own site…I sense red flags and a danger zone by doing that but! What else could I use to post graphics?! No wonder so many people used to complain about this happening and now I can finally see why. I am just a little shocked though. I can track traffic but I was always under the impression that bandwidth excellment (wait ex-cell-ment is not a word…okay) was due to people hot linking your images. I’ll do some investigating later but for now I am in the process of trying to solve this bandwidth issue. Hmm. The site may be down for some days to come but I am going to hope and PRAY that it won’t be for long. I haven’t forgotten about you, just been busy thinking about you…if that makes sense?! Ugh!!! Bye now. -___-

Alexa, your site is still PRIVATE.

Oh snap! I really forgot about that! I just now remembered that I had my site closed down for maintenance. Now whatever the real reason I closed my site, I can’t remember right now. I really wanted to work on another layout for my site but I don’t have any working programs like that on my mother’s laptop. My computer is at my Grandmother’s and I have a desktop system. I can’t pack that thing everywhere with me so yeah. I am going to see if I can sketch up something neat for my site and then I will hopefully be able to add a designing program on her computer soon. Through InstaGram, I was lucky enough to have someone tell me about how I could subscribe to Adobe Creative Suite and I would be able to use the program! That’s awesome! Only thing is this, I was looking into it and I would have to pay like $49.95…EVERY MONTH. By a couple of months if I pay like that, I would have had the money to pay for the whole program and I don’t like that logic very much.

I know that Amazon has discounted Adobe Creative Suite programs for students and teachers but I just don’t have that $400 plus right now. That and some of them have real bad reviews. I was scammed once but I got a program but it wasn’t the whole deal. I wasted $100 on a program and that was only my fault for not seeing if it was everything or just one program. I don’t want to do that again. I hope I can find a better way to pay for using Adobe Creative Suite and a legal way too. Everybody want to make a dollar these days *coughs Sallie Mae* and no one cares about the person anymore. But then again, were we really cared about in the first place? Probably not. I am not giving up because I really want that program! I got so many things I would like to start doing but I truly don’t think I want to make a business out of designing. I wrote about that reason a long time again but yeah. That’s all for now though, see you later.

Changing Simply Atte…for the BETTER.

I know that I took a well needed break from the Internet and blogging but I really want to get back into designing and blogging again. I know that I often make these posts about going and coming but this time I am determined to STAY. I am not sure how I can make Simply Atte better and more interesting than it is now. I don’t want to become a celebrity blog site because there are millions of those already. I don’t need to spend time writing about fashion and such even though I do like fashion :) I really want to get into blogging on the news and things that I would like to talk about will include stories from Louisiana and other states. I don’t want my site to become a news site either because I still want to Simply Atte to be well, simply Atte. I want my site to attract more viewers but also more readers and commenters. I hope that the planned changes that I am trying to make to this site will for once go through and that I can increase my blog’s viewer/commenter rate. Oh yeah just one more thing before I go, I thought about become a full tutorial site but then I was like that’s not what I want this blog to be. I am going to start incorporating more of my LIFE into my blog and posting more photos and things as I go. I need to spruce up this place and I hope that when I do this finally REVAMP, that it will go forward instead of backward. Until then, because I will be back, enjoy this cute GIF of Cookie Monster!

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