Why is Best Buy struggling?

I was on LinkedIn a few months ago when I saw the post from a blogger on the Apple Watch coming to Best Buy and how they felt that this move still wouldn’t help save them. Save them? I am not going to question the blogger because they have the right to their opinion, I just want to ask questions and give mine. Really Best Buy, what happened? I remember when I first got my job working at Best Buy, I was so happy. I finally felt like I got myself into a dream job and I was just too happy to be working in technology. Unfortunately, I was the only person (nerd) who felt like this because I soon found out that people just want jobs and I guess I am the only one who actually enjoys being in certain jobs that are right up my ally. Anyway, with being with this company one this they stressed about to us was first customer service, then credit card sales (meaning opening a new credit card account with us) and protection plan sales and as a front end cashier I had to make sure I succeeded at all. Whenever the store seemed to be down in sales those two things, credit card sales and protection plan sales, were stressed the most for us to try harder at. And of course, Black Friday was a big deal for Best Buy as it is with many stores. I always thought that since Best Buy was that one store that seemed to offer name brand products and at a fairly okay price that this would make people want to come to Best Buy and shop. Wrong.

What is the one problem that could be causing people to NOT want to go to Best Buy to shop? Poor knowledge of the product in question and the understanding of the TRUE TECHNICALITY of the protection plans? +1. Prices aren’t really that great and you don’t seem to get much of a deal? +1. Poor customer service and the fact of being ignored for the entire visit to a Best Buy location? +∞. I can call craps on the whole being treated with rudeness thing because people will leave Best Buy with aggravation of not being helped and go right into Walmart or Target and get worse treatment, search for what they want (because they know where it is), checkout and leave as if the people in the entertainment section aren’t supposed to be as knowledgeable as the Best Buy employees are supposed to be. Hmm. But I can understand the issue of not getting any attention when you are in a general section looking for something and I understand when someone has poor knowledge on a product that you are interested in getting. I still wonder if this could be the reason that Best Buy isn’t doing so well because I don’t believe that they are extremely high priced and I do like have a electronic store that is mainly technology based to shop at.

For some reason, I guess I would feel better getting it from Best Buy than I would from Walmart or Target since technolgy isn’t their main focus becasue they sell everything. Best Buy was cut out to do one thing, succeed where other stores were failing. Well that failed. Just playing, I don’t think Best Buy is doing that bad but where Best Buy is failing, Walmart is succeeding and why is that? No matter what, stores like Walmart and Target just keep winning people over money saving wise and so that happens. I don’t know if Best Buy is going to be pulling out anymore gimmicks to get them back up again but it would be pretty sad to see them go down. This fact and both Walmart and Target learned that they can do exactly what Best Buy is doing and still keep lower prices…hmm. Eh, well this Black Friday will really show the fate of the store. I plan to shop online that is, if I can find a good deal. Before I go, another thing I find issues with is not being able to find things that are on sale for Black Friday. The stuff that I always want to get isn’t in the savings deal. Hmm!

Umm, can I have some privacy please?

Well can I? At this point, that would be a very selfish thing to ask. But what sparked this little thought? I guess it is the fact that there are times when I feel like I am putting myself out there too much. But part of me is like, “you’re not doing anything explicit so what’s the problem girl?” and I am not sure. I often feel it would be so silly to want privacy when I am into web design, graphic design and blogging. I know and realize that the average person that you meet doesn’t go researching for you on Facebook and other social media outlets but still I must wonder. The people I want to search for me have no idea who I am and the ones that I wish would stop bugging me have the advantage of finding me if they wanted to. Hmm. I know that seems goofy but hey that saying goes for me too you know? I feel like a lot of people deal with this but whenever I start looking for people (and yes I do) and notice that their many social media outlets are “private” I start thinking that maybe mine may be too open. I never bothered with a privacy issue because I figured that no one was searching for me but…I was wrong. People do search for me, for all of us and it is nothing to lose sleep over just something to keep in mind before you start posting crazy stuff. Then again, I have come across so many females who just have the mentality like, “I don’t care boo boo let them see me!!!” that it wouldn’t surprise me if someone showed me crazy stuff about the sweet and innocent school teacher. Hmm. Oh well just a random food for thought. I am starting to feel like I am too out there again but I am not sure why. I have nothing to be ashamed of and all I do is blog about life so…yeah. This is another one of my, “I’m taking a break from social media” rant blogs if you haven’t noticed yet.


This is insane; talk about being watched by big bother but I won’t go into that. I have been off some of the major networks for a while now and I have been feeling pretty good about it too. I just needed a break from all the things that I kept seeing on these major networks and I just decided that I didn’t want to be attached to them anymore. With all the deleting/adding and following/unfollowing it just was getting pointless to me. I just decided to let it go and just keep some of my major networks…well. I still do play games apps on my phone as well as music apps but every time I find something new it’s always asking for a Facebook account or a Google + account and it’s nerve racking! Why do you need my personal Facebook account for me to play this game?! It’s like really?! I can’t get away from Facebook no matter how hard I am trying to. I tried to get into linking my Simply Atte website to a Facebook page that I made for it but even then I just didn’t like that. Stuff like that was getting on my nerves and can get on my nerves pretty easily. Ugh, what to do?! I hate having to connect but if I must go back…I don’t know. I don’t really feel like it is that necessary but I am going to think about it some more…sheesh.

What does social anxiety feel like? In pictures.


I was on my favorite blogging platform the other day, yeah I have a favorite, which was Tumblr and I saw this post reblogged on my timeline. At first, I wasn’t sure what the person who made the photo collage was aiming for but then I scrolled down and read the comments linked to them and one of them was about social anxiety and how this picture is a good visual of what it can feel like. I could do nothing more than agree because this picture collage DOES give a good visual of what social anxiety feels like. I do realize that some people really feel like having social anxieties string from things made up in the mind and that the disorder is B.S. and I don’t agree. A lot of people feel that way about depression and suicide too though and many don’t understand these disorders so it’s easy for many to then shout “get help” without seeing that it sometimes isn’t that easy.

Though I have come a long way from feeling this bad, I often find myself dealing with panic attacks and the anxious feelings in my chests. I am not sure if there’s anything that can be taken for the super anxious feelings that I get sometimes and I often have to just wait out the panic attacks until I calm myself back down. It’s nerve racking really but I am making it :) And also though the photo set probably wasn’t referring to having any social anxiety or disorder, it was very well receive and has about 120K+ likes and reblogs so way to go to the creator “Stanley Tsai“. Happy Holidays everyone see you soon with more My College Daze posts.

And you all can read this here: Tumblr Credit

Slowly detaching myself, from Social Media.

I am not trying to go out with a BIG BANG though but I do want to make it happen. When you’re alone, you have a lot of time to think and to think about the things you are doing and what you are involved in. I am not saying that I am into something really bad because that is not the case. I just guess I am tired of being attached or better feeling like I am. I remember whenever I have tried before in the past to move away from social media and I always kept coming back. I felt bad for always being the one who deleted their account only to make another some weeks or months later because I saw something interesting. Hmm. At this point, like I mentioned before, I just feel like the real reasons I was on there weren’t for any good. Rather so, it was me at many times, following my emotions instead of brain. And now that I am growing up and growing smarter, I just see a good bit of myself detaching away from the need for attention and the need for others to notice me and see me. I don’t have a photo or status to post everyday and kudos to those who do. Nor do I use my timeline to vent and rant about the government or people in general. I can scroll my timeline in some disgust seeing certain things that I don’t like and the many immature games they play on Instagram and I know that someone would say to just “delete” or “un-friend” them but that…I don’t know let me try to better formulate something to say about that case.

Now that I am growing older and I am finding better ways to cope with the many issues that I had (though still struggling I am able to better deal with them) I just feel myself and that need to “lurk” and “search” going out the door. I feel like I have all these social networks but they are not really helping me to be, more sociable. Though I cannot deny the fact that I am just “naturally quiet” I too see that part of me has carried over to my many accounts. That, and it’s almost like society as a whole has gone crazy meaning people have no limits or boundaries. Everybody wants to be famous; everybody wants to have attention. It’s like one person can say one something, then only to have it turned around and said in a million different ways and people do this so many times with graphics too. I guess because I started out on the Internet as a graphic designer and with Myspace, I can remember whenever someone would make something (something unique) and then you would see others come up behind them and either remix their ideas (slightly) or just steal the whole thing. Back then, (and I am by no means someone who is old) people would call you out for stealing ideas and such. Nowadays, I see a crappy graphic with only a few seconds later for someone to perfect it…hmm. And back then too, it seemed like many people would call you out for being “late” with the news. Now people will go so far into the past only to pull out something old that’s really new. Hmm, HMM!

As for me, I am pretty tired of the fame seekers. And not shade whatsoever to those who are using social networks and have a lot of followers. For me, seeing that many people on a timeline gets annoying and I can get aggravated real easy with that. There’s no mute button on these social network sites (for the record my follower’s count I have less than 100, even less than 50 on some accounts)! LOL Anyway like I stated before, I am not trying to make any statement and nothing is wrong with me other than the fact that I feel like I am pretty much over the hype with them all. And no, I am not saying that I am going to delete them all either. I am most definitely going to keep my Flickr account and most MOST definitely will keep my ColourLOVERS account too. The other 10+ aren’t being used and I don’t have any use for them anymore. I guess I created them because I really thought that I was going to be a graphic designer and with a passion waited to get out there more. I finally realized how much I was not really interested in waiting for designing gigs and how much power I put into becoming a “famous” graphic designer and that this would soon happen for me. It got old. It got old waiting for something to happen and for me I guess I got tired of not putting what I needed to into graphic designing. I came to learn that I WASN’T going to be interested in sitting in front of a computer all day and that I wanted more to life than just being a local graphic designer. More importantly, I was tired of hiding behind a computer waiting for the “IT” whatever it may have been to happen.

Anyway, I like social media I really do. Many of it has been a good way for me to meet some people, two of them having very long relationships in my life (well sort of and I will write about that later). Anyway, I really hope that I can make it an easy transition! I don’t want to get suckered into something only to have myself BACK on some of these sites! This will not being done overnight because when I’ve tried that before I was ready to get back on! It’s going to be happening over a period of time and hopefully I can move past the Internet and get into more of the things that I like to do, beyond the computer. I remember at one point and time it seemed like checking apps, then feeling guilty for checking every (what truly seemed like) hour and deleting them soon after in hopes to decrease my addition. It was crazy! It may not seem like a true addiction but I often felt so obligated to check on what other people were doing! It was crazy and I felt like it was getting out of hand for me. Yeah I know that social media can also help with potentially increasing your site traffic but like I said before, I don’t care about that stuff anymore. I would really like to start detaching myself away from the Internet, with the exception of my blog because I really enjoying having it. Anyway, that was a friendly post that I had on my mind to do for a while now, so yeah. PEACE.