To Miss Titi Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s, rest in peace.

It was yesterday whenever my mom came in from work and announce this news to me. I was pretty shocked but I wasn’t sure if all the news was out yet but it is. I have been checking on new stories about the death of Titi Branch but I haven’t seen anything new other than the fact that her death was by suicide. Very sadden to hear this, I just wanted to make a small post on it and by it I mean suicide. People always say that you never know what people are going through internally because we’ve become so good at masking our feelings and bottling them up. I too know what it’s like to go down that road and feel like ending it all will be the way to solve everything but I was just happy and thankful enough to be able to still be here through the close attempts. It’s scary and going through depression and suicidal thoughts alone is the worse and on top of depression and suicidal thoughts you have to go to work, school, etc and continue living life like nothing is wrong…and that’s a lie.

I come from a family that is used to praising God but denying things like depression and suicide because it’s “not what black people do…” and at many times I felt so trapped without being able to talk to any family members about what was tearing me up inside. With the dreams and signs I felt like I just couldn’t continue on and I almost let go last year but I didn’t. Weak and very down I just went ahead and got the chance to speak to someone about my issues. Through counseling, I was able to find the source of my unhappiness and ways to deal with my depression. No, I don’t like not having friends to talk to about deep issues like that but I stopped turning to friends and starting looking at how I could love myself and do some self healing and I began to get better slowly but surely.

I am by no means saying that I am living in pure paradise right now and that I have the answer for depression and suicide but more so that I know how it is to feel that low. What I went through I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy because it was just so heart wrenching to me and for me. Miss Titi and others have created an amazing hair product and I hope to get a chance, once I get some extra cash, to try their Miss Jessie’s brand. My condolences are to Titi Branch’s family and I am sorry that things played out this way.

And you can read this here:
Miss Jessie’s Co-Founder Titi Branch Dies
SAD NEWS: Miss Jessie’s Co-Founder, Titi Branch, Dies At 45 Of Alleged Suicide

But…what’s wrong with their outfits?

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And I am still trying to figure out, what in the world is wrong with what Malia and Sasha Obama have on. It is isn’t conspiracy theorist trying to dissect President Obama suppose secret lifestyle to Michelle Obama being a man and President Obama being gay I am not sure what is really going on. No, President Obama isn’t the first president to be talked negative about but this is just a little too much. I feel like every time I see an article about President Obama the racist have a field day just saying the most hurtful and bizarre things about him. And with the run off election for the U.S. Senator of Louisiana, I have been hearing Bill Cassidy’s campaigns all over YouTube, the television and sometimes on the radio bashing Mary Landrieu for voting with President Obama 96% (one ad I believe said 97%) of the time. There are times when I feel like many people are making President Obama to be the worse president of all times and I don’t think folks need to be that dramatic. No, I don’t agree with some of the choices that President Obama agrees to take action on but I felt like he was again the better candidate.

But with that short rant said, what the girls had on was appropriate and Elizabeth Lauten (the GOP Staffer)’s comments weren’t appropriate. I am not sure what point Elizabeth was trying to prove but it wasn’t made clear. But. But then again yeah it was and you know what kind of point it was (a race point). If President Obama, Malia and Sasha were President Peterson, Melissa and Sarah……have a good night.

I saw the #AaliyahMovie today and…

And you all can read this: Aaliyah Movie Casting: Alexandra Shipp On ‘Ridiculous’ Backlash Of Film, ‘I Deleted Twitter & Instagram’

So I finally got a chance to watch the Aaliyah movie that came up on LifeTime. I didn’t watch it the first time it premiered, or cared to for that matter because I really didn’t feel like this movie was a positive thing. How is it that I can sit behind a computer screen (laptop and in my bed) and say that this movie wasn’t a positive thing? I am referring to the lack of respect that was given to the Haughton family requesting that the movie not be made. I could go on and on about how big on an Aaliyah fan that I am but I would be doing nothing but sound cliche and I don’t want to do that. I have, I guess you can say since Beyonce and Rihanna both started to take off, have noticed a bit of popcorn fans of Aaliyah coming up. I don’t believe you have the right to tell someone who they can and cannot be a fan of and I see so many people out here doing that. It’s like these STANS have a way of thinking they can force you into liking or not liking a celebrity and that it just nonsense. I can remember being pretty young whenever Aaliyah passed away, really I was 11 years old but I still was very much attached to her, her style, her personality…her everything.

I can remember too whenever Beyonce’s career started to take off around the year of 2006 with her album “B’Day” but I also remember being Internet saavy and searching things like Aaliyah’s death and how, somehow, the new success of Beyonce was linked to Aaliyah being dead and the Illuminati so of course me being very young and impressionable I am going to be like I am not a fan of Beyonce. Rihanna was coming up and along too and it to me did seem weird how they both were just making moves and becoming famous so fast. After a while though, I let all that Illuminati stuff go and I just came to terms with Aaliyah’s passing and yes I had to do that. Even though I wasn’t someone close like a relative to Aaliyah I still believe that she inspired me so much as a child and she was something new and cool to me, I loved that about Aaliyah. So bringing that love to this day and thinking that the movie was going to at least prove me wrong from not wanting to see it in the first place, it didn’t.

Let’s be real for a minute, I can’t give someone else acting advice if I’ve never been on stage before in my life. Okay, I have been on stage before and performed but not to the degree that makes me an actress so yeah. So therefore I can’t say that Alexandra Shipp’s acting was fresh out the toilet. I saw her in Drumline 2 two weeks before this and I just couldn’t connect with her character and that was the same for the Aaliyah movie. If anything, what is happening to Alexandra Shipp with all of the backlash from this movie could have happened to Zendaya (and did. I honestly felt bad that Zendaya pulled out of the project because of basically Internet bullying (but then tried to lie and say it was out of respect for the Haughton family, me with all these parenthesis sorry) but then I didn’t feel any compassion for her because she was through a lot of shade via Twitter whenever she saw the backlash to Alexandra Shipp for the movie) and to Keshia Chante. If anything, they all saw dollar signs instead of a good opportunity to really work hard in a role. When you are a good actor/actress it doesn’t matter how old you are to Hollywood or how new you are to Hollywood, because when you have the ability to make the audience disappear into your character then you’ve got it.

If anything, baby it was that script. That script. Who wrote that; the world may never know. The movie looked like, and felt like, it was a bunch of blog posts and newspaper articles pieced together with some Elmer’s glue with no background information or citations and sprinkled with what they THOUGHT they knew and RUSHED. I have no issues with the main character being bi-racial, light skin or whatever because those who aren’t black don’t understand that issue with it but it is neither here or there. Alexandra Shipp could have pulled it off if the movie was written a whole bunch better and had the Haughton family’s blessing. And what about Ginuwine?…not even mentioned. The smash hit “One in a million“? There was a phone conversation that happened between Aaliyah and Timbaland while she was away shooting the video for, “Rock the Boat” in the Bahamas. Timbaland said on a BET special for Aaliyah on the 10th anniversary of her being deceased that the phone conversation ended up in an argument and that was the last thing he said to Babygirl. I thought I was going to see something from that but nope. The movie made it seem like Timbaland and Missy Elliot WEREN’T doing anything prior to Aaliyah and that was a low blow, I thought. The movie made them seem way more distant from Aaliyah and that they had more of a corny image than I would have imaged. Aaliyah in the movie seemed to have a bit of a sassier attitude than I would have imaged but I guess everyone…never mind.

I can’t expect them to be able to fit 22 years of Aaliyah’s life into a 1-hour movie…wait yes I think I can do that. Sorry LifeTime and to Wendy Williams but it’s been done before so I can expect that. The movie focused on the relationships between Aaliyah and R.Kelly and Aaliyah and Dame Dash a lot more than I would have liked it to. I thought LifeTime was going to spill the tea about how sneaky and mischievous ways of Barry Hankerson but I guess it was none of our business what really happened huh. Basically, the movie was of things that I already knew so I guess that it why I wasn’t hooked. I do have to give a thumbs up to Alexandra Shipp because she is having to deal with all the negativity but that’s how it goes. If anything my heart goes out to Mrs. Diane and Rashad for having to deal with being disrespected like that. Oh and shout out to Youtube for having it posted so I could watch it, thanks a bunches.

“Pennywise” cousin shaking up the people of Staten Island

Story: Pennywise, the clown foolish? and Staten Island Clown continues to thrill residents despite hoax claim
State: New York
Story credit: Yahoo! News and Syracuse

Y’all, like oh my goodness seriously?! It was yesterday when I opened up my Google Chrome to land myself on the front page on my Yahoo! homepage. I usually don’t pay attention to Yahoo! anymore because my email accounts just keep getting horribly spammed for some reason so I gave up on Yahoo! a long time ago. But! But whenever I seen this story about the “creepy clown” that was appearing around Staten Island I had to click on the story. At first after reading the article, I will admit I thought that this was very strange and kind of creepy for some random clown to be lurking about and at night too. Then I quickly remembered someone on my Facebook page posting about there being a remake to Stephen King’s It movie. The first article that I read mention something about how this was probably a publicity stunt and I agreed. The photos captured of this clown are quite eerie though and I was starting to think other wise. Really, I was starting to think like the person who has watched too many crime shows. You have to admit, if someone dressed like this guy were to come up to you at night you would freak out.

But like the lady in the news report said, this clown (or person) isn’t breaking any rules and is just…having a good…time? I am not sure why he feels the need to go all out for this movie but he isn’t violating any rules so it’s okay. If college students can come to class on Halloween dressed like the guy from Saw and people not have a problem then it’s cool (I guess) for this clown (or person) to do what he is doing. Scary movies are really the “what if” to many moments and if you ask me he is really tapping into his “what if” moment! Only thing is if this clown decides to go too far and ends up messing with the wrong person and you know with “stand your ground law” out there…well you know how that could end. A lot of people unfortunately do not think before they act. Like for me though, just like I mentioned above I have watched too many crime shows when you had people doing strange things like this and…ugh never mind. It’s just a silly man, in a clown costume just doing this for laughs! No harm…at least I hope not. But please, check out those photos because they are something else, I guess.

Photo credit: Lurking Staten Island clown creeps out local residents


Paula Deen and her controversy using racial slurs

I waited a very long time to write a post on Paula Deen and her recent controversy with using racial slurs because I wanted to make sure that I got all the facts that I needed. I don’t like to jump to conclusion with anything and I think it is funny that a lot of people do. Everybody just wants to be first to say things instead of getting all the facts straight. I am not saying it isn’t okay to make mention of something but before you go posting things about stuff at least do yourself a favor and read up on it further. Don’t try to be the first to be re-tweeted on Twitter just because you are looking for fame. Not everything is as it appears to be so do your research. Now with that said I want to talk about this whole controversy. I will state that with these posts like this, I am going to be stating my opinion and my feelings. What I believe or feel may not be what you believe and feel but again this is MY BLOG and I have the right to say what I want to say. I am going to be doing more posts like this where I just basically comment on the things in life. Well really I have already been doing posts like this, I just chose to stay away from celebrities because I don’t want my blog to become a celebrity blog. This blog is about me and things concerning me. Anyway! I am ready to start my thoughts about Paula Deen.

Some may have not liked Paula Deen because of her extra use of butter but I will admit when I saw Paula Deen when I was younger, I used to think she was a very cute Southern woman. I didn’t really watch her shows because I thought they weren’t as interesting as Rachael Ray’s shows, I mean come on! Rachael Ray was making meals in 30 minutes and to me as a young child I thought that was so interesting! I remember my sister being inspired by Rachel Ray to become a chef and go to culinary school but that never worked out. I still like cooking though but I haven’t really watched the Food Network like that since I was younger. The only reason I have been watching it so much this past Spring semester was because Southeastern only gives you so many options with the basic cable in the dorm rooms. Nothing good was on and I just would turn it to the Food Network channel to watch…well food. I know that is real torture, you know to watch food while you are hungry but I somehow got addicted to the shows “Restaurant Impossible” and “Chopped”. Those are my shows now and I enjoyed watching them over the Spring semester! Anyway I got to get back to my commentary on Paula Deen! This is about her but I had to get through that small history lesson for you all.

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