Plans coming to fruition

Did I mention that my plans are starting to come to fruition? No, I didn’t and that’s because I forgot to post about what I am working on because I am not ready to speak about what I am working on just yet. I know that sounds so backwards and I would be childish and write that entire sentence backwards just to be goofy but I don’t have time for that. Maybe in another post where I am being just as silly, so next time folks. OKAY! So yeah I went ahead and purchased those two new domains and renewed this one for another year, along with the two others. I am not able to work on any designs yet because I have to get my Creative Cloud back. I also need to work on saving to get myself a Wacom tablet. I guess I could be reading tutorials in the meantime but I just feel like there are no good tutorials out there anymore. I mean like, I really think web designing that whole era of Myspace (yes, Myspace) awesomeness is official dead…but y’all sleep on Tumblr though. Though I feel like Tumblr has matured a lot, you can STILL use the good old fashion HTML to slap something cute on your blog. Yes indeed. Well I know that wasn’t much of an update on anything but I am still working, let me stop lying, on getting things together for my sites and such. Umm but on a serious note, I really am trying to get that Wacom tablet and I have my eyes on a very special one too. Intuos Pro, anyone? <3.

Moving on to bigger and better, farewell nRelate.

I haven’t been on WordPress as much as I should and that is because I have been busy thinking about what I can do with Simply Atte…WHILE BEING AWAY FROM SIMPLY ATTE. Any who, I went to update some plugins on mine and I was searching through the many that I had which led me to do some cleaning up. I am doing my best to make sure that I can make Simply Atte more, I don’t know, comfortable for me in my own eyes but I just haven’t found what I need to hype up my blog. Anyway, I realized that I had one of my plugins, the “nRelate Related content” plugin deactivated and I decided to activate it because I planned on doing a lot more blogging soon. As soon as the plugin was activated, I got this farewell message at the top of my WordPress blog from the nRelate Team stating that they will no longer be providing their plugins anymore.

I was sad because I always support bloggers far and wide through the web design world but I understand what the makers are deciding to move on. It’s not so much that they are quitting with web design and development but they are moving to make steps to enhance their business but going a different route with things. All in all, I wish they makers, web designers and developers so much good luck and I hope to see you all again within the WordPress world. You can read their farewell here, “Farewell” and they were also kind enough to offer another alternate for the related posts plugin. Good luck and thanks for developing also plugins for WordPress for users like me, thanks!

And you can read this here: Farewell

Wishing you a very well, Miss Angel over at


It was March 12th whenever I decided to take a browse on Concrete Loop, only to discover that this was their official LAST post. Angel Laws the creator and editor of the celebrity talk website called Concrete Loop had made a statement saying that she wasn’t going to be blogging and that the site would be closing down. I was shocked and I started to wonder if something were wrong but then again I understood and respected her choice.

I guess you can say that I have been a long time reader; really not sure how I came about the site though. Like I am always doing I had to be searching for some celebrity at the time or of something that I heard of and landed on Concrete Loop. When I landed on the site I was very intrigued too. Though I was never into celebrities like that I always enjoyed reading other people comments for some reason. Really, reader comments was the ONLY reason I visit celebrity based blogs and gossip site because the comments are always entertaining. I was one of the quiet readers on Concrete Loop but none the less I enjoyed the site. That and really Concrete Loop was the only site that never spammed my poor helpless computer with 12,000 ads which I hate that too. Every click on an article nowadays seems to lead to an ad rather than the story, sheesh! And I always felt that Concrete Loop was a more tasteful blog, in my own opinion too.

Though I will miss reading the comments from the various STAN nation and right minded people I can understand what it’s like to be ready to move on to something else. I really wish that I would have had the chance to meet Miss Angel though because she came down to Louisiana a few times for the Essence festival but every time I was flat broke and could never make it but she always posted photos of her time in Louisiana. I always will admired black bloggers and wish you very well with whatever adventure you decide to part take upon next Angel! Good luck!