My first University of Alabama tour!

I woke up this morning a little before my alarm and I thanked God for waking me up this morning. Still feeling quite sluggish and down in the dumps I just decided that getting out and getting a very fresh breath of air would do me some good. I had been thinking about going to the University of Alabama for the longest but I never thought that I would actually make it out here. I should really be pinching myself for a dream come true but it’s been working into a nightmare with the anxiety that I have with the current issues that I am in. I am stuck and I am stuck on fear and it seems no matter how much I try to get pass it I can’t. Anyway I don’t want to harbor over what’s wrong but rather what I tried to make feel right, college again. Because, like I have mentioned before, I am seriously thinking about dropping out of college and just calling it quits. As I will finish My College Daze post, you will see why. I feel like I am beating a dead horse with this college thing. I could hear a million motivational speakers and still feel like I wasted my time with college.

The reason I thought going today would make me feel somewhat better was because I was planning on using some psychology on myself. I guess that one semester as a Psychology major wasn’t working in my favor too much today because the smart trick didn’t work. I figured if I saw other students attending class and within my major I may feel rejuvenated to come back to school with a positive attitude this time around. I even made plans (because I searched it before hand) to go to the Biology building and just try to soak it up…I got nothing. You know how many younger girls (well not in this day and age, all these kids out here acting a mess but way back when whenever good morals were instilled in the youth) who aren’t into boys and being fast and wearing make-up would all of a sudden have a run in with that one or two girls who would clown them for now being well “grown up” enough and they would suddenly change and start being into boys and being fast and things like that? Same thing with guys. And also those people who see others being noticed and they think that acting like the person who is noticed (taking one of their many quality traits I guess) and start acting like them? These are both bad examples of being influenced but! But I really thought that I could just get something whenever I was on the campus and I did feel a little something when I was walking through the Biology building but as soon as it came, it faded quickly.

I took some pictures. Some. This campus is really big and their halls are stadiums as my sister said and that is true. I was like, “why are these buildings so big!?” and the library! Ugh it was like 5+ floors and I was like, “really?” but it was amazing none the less. I was pretty tired (feet wise) when I reached the Biology building and oh did I mention they have museums too?! How is this all funded?! Oh my gosh man! And like a million buses and what not! Their Greek organizations have big houses too and I was just in awe. It was pretty neat but I am going to go back again next week to get more photos. I take the bus and so I didn’t want to have to walk longer than needed but the tour was awesome. I think when I am really ready, I am going to have to get a tour guide to help me out with the campus! I saw a tour being conducted and I wanted to jump in with the group and just start walking with them! They would have never noticed! But yeah, I am going to post the photos soon and start working on the rest of the My College Daze posts.

Whoa, what happened?

What happened? What didn’t happen? I am not sure where this semester or school went but if one thing is for sure, it went south of the boarder and there was nothing that I could do about it either. I have been thinking. I have been planning. I have been thinking and planning…and I have finally came to a just about perfect solution again and that would be for me to go back (all the way back) to plan A. Though I don’t feel too good about counting my eggs before they hatch I will say that I feel more confident in these past couple of decisions that I have been making, even though I have not been allowed to think clearly much. I am thankful that I am some what level headed in my plans to move forward with the things that I am working on. Am I scared? Yes. Am I worried about failing? Oh course. If anything this semester has striped me of so much of my trust and confident that it ain’t even funny. My decision was quick but it was smart and I hope that I can see it through…but what am I talking about? Well you will have to wait until I get to the “My College Daze: Can someone help me think clearly please?” post to find out what happened. See you soon, sooner than later I hope.

Well school starts tomorrow and…

And this was one of the LONGEST breaks that I have taken from college since I started back in ’09. It feels good but not 100% good. It feels like I was able to detox myself from the last semester and the ones before that but I really didn’t find myself doing the many things that I had set out to do this summer to prepare for this fall semester. Hmm. I guess I will work it out some way or another. I still have been dealing with my headaches, work is going pretty good and the search for the car is delayed but not dead. I am passed tears this time around with the “no’s” and rejections that I keep getting with this car ordeal. I am too nervous to keep the faith and I just don’t want to think about it in my mind so I try to think about other things but unfortunately…nothing else is on my mind. I am ready for classes to start though. Why you ask? Cause I am bored! Oh my gosh like I want to study something! I won’t have my books this time around since I am paying out of pocket. I am going to get them soon though, just need to pay down my small bill. *thankful it’s small* Anyway…I may come on here and do some more “My College Daze” post. I can’t start this semester though until I finish it! LOL Anyway, I hope to find me something cool to get into at school though…that being my books and learning. Gosh! See you soon.

Talking ’bout college

You know something that I realized about my blog? I don’t really have any posts about college or my college experiences that I encountered. I thought I may have had some from my older blog post on here but I really never talked about college and what I was here for before on here. Hmm! I really would like to do that though because I feel like my blog needs that. I have been in college since 2009 pursing a degree and on top of that I have been dealing with many things while in college and right now I would really like to get them off my chest. I was a little surprised though because I thought I had made some posts about things going on with me and school but to my surprise I hadn’t. I was thinking earlier last week on things that I could do for the month of July for my site to add more posts on here. I was thinking about doing a challenge but my April challenge really wore me out! Maybe if I would have been able to actually do it in April then I would have felt better about it but with school I just get caught up with things and I wanted to go ahead and explain why I don’t really get a chance to come on here as much as I would like. Plus I am struggling with some personal feelings towards school and I would really like to know other people’s thoughts about my situation and college for me in general. Hopefully I can get these posts done in a good time fashion this time too! I am going to do a blog post on every semester that I have been in up until now. I am going to be starting that soon so stay tuned!

SELU ranked in with other most affordable colleges.

Story: Southeastern among most affordable colleges with high earning grads
State: Louisiana
Story credit: Tangipahoa WAFB

I logged into Twitter while I was at my aunt’s house waiting to go back to my other aunt’s house and for the air to clear. I am not sure about everything that was going on because once again I had a really bad headache that had been with me for days. I didn’t feel like doing much of nothing really. Oh yeah! But back to what I was saying. When I logged into Twitter, I saw one of my school accounts that I am following re-tweet this article, “Southeastern among most affordable colleges with high earning grads” and I went, “hmmm.” I guess that might sound nice to those from outside of the college but as for me, I really had to read it to see what it was about.

It’s just basically saying how Southeastern is included in a list by the Affordable Colleges Online sources. And it also gave us points for our in-state tuition is below $5,000 and our graduates starting off with salaries of $40,000. That’s all fine and dandy but from what I am hearing, Southeastern is supposed to be going up in tuition. I hear this from students around campus all the time. Yes we may be affordable for the time being, but I was under the impression that we were going to keep going up in tuition until we reached the point of other colleges in Louisiana. But then again, I guess you can’t really trust what the students are saying. But then again AGAIN, the last time a student told me something about Southeastern I thought it was a rumor. That is, until I noticed in the next semester that the only available courses were Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday classes and I was real upset that this happened. I hate having a schedule like this but after some semesters, I kind of got used to it. I might as well do like my schedule allows for and start commuting to school huh?

I did in the Spring semester of 2012 and I am thinking about doing it for the rest of my time at Southeastern. I like it there and coming here was my first choice but I wish I would have had a chance to explore other options for college. I thought about moving a couple of times but I haven’t made my way out of here so I might as well stay. Anyway just wanted to blog about my school again, I like to hear positive things about us. I hope with the new expansion of the Student Union the campus is able to attract more than just the local high schools. I would really like to see Southeastern grow. =)

Photo credit: Me. I took this in 2009 and it’s Meade Hall on campus.

 photo e6bd55b0-de2d-480a-a15c-579e90e61928_zps0bf48f0f.jpg