Inspirational songs: So long by Kierra Sheard

Name of the song: So long
Name of the artist: Kierra Sheard

I think it is good to say that my mother is my main source for new Gospel songs. I really wish I could find and listen to more and more than I do but I guess it takes time. YouTube has helped me out with this too. I remember browsing on YouTube a while back in my Senior year of staying on campus for different Kierra Sheard songs. I luckily came across the song, “So long” from Kierra. This so is simply beautiful and it talks about how we as one can let so much worldly influence get into out way and we then end up neglecting God and forgetting about Him. We soon are so quick to ask, “where did you go Lord?” “did you forget about me?” and this was something that I struggled with many times during my college years. I was always under the impression that God had left me and that I was all alone. I felt dumb for trying to go back to Him because I didn’t want it to be like I was begging for Him to be in my life now that things were going wrong. I was torn. No one will ever understand how much it hurt for me to get back to God because I felt like me going back and forth with Him would soon get old and I just didn’t want to hurt Him like that,…so I stayed away.

I am, in the process, of getting back to Him and this time I plan on staying with Him. I remember whenever I was younger and I first got baptist-ed. I felt like God and I were in the best of relationship because the things that I asked for happened for me, even at a young age I felt like I could ask for something and it be done. Now, now that I am older I feel such a disconnect with the Lord, as if I am on a journey to find Him again and find Him and His love for myself. I know that I love the Lord but I also know that I need to feel like I love the Lord and I am still in a trial with getting back to Jesus and having Him back in my life. I know He loves me but I don’t know why I feel so bad whenever it comes to going back to ask Him for something. I never liked being taking advantage of by people and so I tried my hardest not to do it to others and now, I see that I tried my hardest not to take advantage of Jesus like many people have done. So I then just felt like it was best to leave God alone. This song really correlates with how I was feeling and how I have been feeling. It has been my ringtone on my phone for the LONGEST! Since last year! I love it and it fits so well that I can’t change it. Anyway, this is a great song with a smooth R&B tone to it, but listen to the lyrics because you may find that the song is relating to you too. Be blessed.

Inspirational songs: Testimony by Anthony Brown & group therAPy

Name of the song: Testimony
Name of the artist(s): Anthony Brown & group therAPy

I fell in LOVE with this song and then I started to develop a tiny little itsy bitsy crush on Anthony Brown. Oh my gosh I thought he was so cute! He still is! Sigh! Anyway I heard this song about this time last year and I liked this way that the song broke up into parts like it does. I can’t describe what I am saying but I know what I am saying! I realize that this statement is confusing…sorry. I don’t know I just felt like this song would be my coming out of this situation song and that I would be able to like make my own music video and show what my family and I have been through and then show how we all made it out. I guess I am living in a dream world? Okay anyway just listen to this song for me okay? I am kind of in a rush so if I have more time I am going to come on here and talk about the song more. I hope you enjoy it is really upbeat and super cool. Thanks.

Oh yeah while I am listening to this song, I really fell in love because I love Anthony Brown’s voice! Aah! His voice is amazing and I just think it fits so well with this song! I am not a true music review person so I am not sure what technical words to use when talking about music so please don’t mind me whenever I am making up words and stuff to describe what I am talking about! LOL I really hope that Anthony and his group go far because like I said this is the first time of me hearing about him. I would love to hear more from them and I hope that they can make it big, and bigger.

Inspirational songs: Praise Him in advance by Marvin Sapp

Name of the song: Praise Him in advance
Name of the artist: Marvin Sapp

I’ve had my share of ups and downs, times when there was no one around, God came and spoke these words to me, praise will confuse the enemy.

I started singing, I started clapping, I started dancing, people were laughing, they knew my problems, they knew my pain, but I knew God would take them away.

I have my share of ups and downs, times when there was no one around, God came and spoke these words to me, praise will confuse the enemy.

I started singing, I started clapping, I started dancing, people were laughing, they knew my problems, they knew my pain, but I knew God would take them away.

That’s why I praise him with my hands, that’s why I praise him with a dance, He’s given me a second chance, come on lets praise him in advance.

I remember what I am about to tell you guys as if it happened yesterday but then again it might as well have because I feel like I have been living in hurricane season since 2005 and that’s real. I remember finally coming home from relatives house after being forcefully blocked out of home from water (from Hurricane Gustav in 2008) and just being back in my room with my computer. I remember me having to re-install some of my music onto my Windows media player and this song by Marvin Sapp, “Praise Him in advance” was one of them. I believe I listened to that song in that one sitting for about 60 times. I guess I was just so happy to be home but in that moment I really felt a new me was developing. For the first time I felt like I was really able to understand what many of these Gospel songs and their lyrics were saying and I was just so happy. Many times I found myself crying because I felt like the song was touching a small part of me and waking it up. “You need to get back to Jesus, you need to get back to Jesus, you NEED TO GET BACK TO JESUS…” are thoughts that ran in my head so many times but I just kept ignoring them which is what most of us do.

I believe that Marvin Sapp himself was going through a whole lot of turmoil too. I can’t remember what was going on with him but he was making some powerful and influential music at this time. If I wasn’t blasting this song I was blasting “Praise Him now” by Kierra Sheard so yeah. There are many more songs by Marvin that I like but I haven’t been able to sit down and listen to him like I like. Since they took away the Gospel station 94.9 FM and changed it to something else, it is hard to listen to Gospel music on the radio unless we have a CD made or if you try to catch a tune on 140.5 AM and that signal barely works. Anyway please enjoy this song and have a blessed day.

Inspirational songs: All I am by Kierra Sheard

Name of the song: All I am
Name of the artist: Kierra Sheard

This song is fire!!! Okay I am not really good with using cool words to describe things but you get what I am saying right? I hope so! Anyway I found this song right about the time that I found “So Long” from Kierra Sheard too. There is about two version to this song and I am in love with the remix so if you search for this song, it’s called: “All I Am (Ol’ Skool Quiet Storm Remix)” but yeah. I like the R&B smoothness to this song but I was reading into some of the comments that don’t really agree. Some of these people probably do both meaning listens to both secular and R&B which I myself have done a many of times so I don’t understand why they are so quick to bash this song. I agree that many Gospel songs out now have too much of a worldly beat to them but not all Gospel songs are going to sound traditional, meaning that old piano and a tambourine. Things change. I applaud Kierra for being bold and stepping out of the box and making Gospel music with different tones and rhythms. And also it isn’t like you can’t tell she is talking about the Lord in many of her songs. Like I mentioned before I do agree that some Gospel artists are putting way too much worldly and secular influences into their songs because even I don’t agree with Gospel rapping (I just don’t) but I don’t see the fault in Kierra’s song.

I think it’s beautiful and I use it as my ringtone for my morning alarm. Listen, I can’t tell you what to like and you know what you are used to but if all Gospel music sounded the same, then you probably would get tired of listening to it…kind of like all Christmas music sounds the same. How many different versions of “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells” you know? That is the same with how many versions of “Amazing Graze”, “Oh the blood” and “Standing in the need” you know? Exactly. I guess what is upsetting many people is the fact that I, as well as other people keep saying it has a smooth, R&B sound to it. Whenever you hear the word R&B you think of non-Gospel artists but oh well. Here is the version of the remix and the song is pretty short, hope you enjoy though. I mean gosh for heavens sake, she is saying how she is basically a server to the Lord and how she is willing to do His work and live by His word. You can’t get mad at that and if you do, then I am guessing you have your own reason. I am open for debate; show me where I am wrong or what I don’t see. Peace.

Inspirational songs: Come in out of the rain by Marvin Winans

Name of the song: Come in out of the rain
Name of the artist: Marvin Winans

Oh Marvin! I think this is the first song that I have done from him? No wait it isn’t I thought it was! Okay anyway I really like the up beat nature of this song. And it’s basically saying that if you are not happy with the place you are at, then you need to reevaluate where you are and basically come out of the situation that you are in (come in out of the rain). I guess in life there are so many times where we as people will just sit through a situation and endure it rather than fight for better because we either feel like we don’t deserve better or that better is not for us and that isn’t true. I believe that everyone is entitled to nice things but only few of us believe that nicer things are for us or we don’t want to strive for better things. A lot of the time, we want to depend on man to GIVE us EVERYTHING and we steadily turn away from God. I understand this because after years of having the government, family and others give me things I often feel like everything else should be given to me and that isn’t how it should be. I am now learning what it is like to fight for something and be appreciative of it because I earned it and it wasn’t given to me. I looked at my situation and I saw that I wanted better and not because I wanted to mock others who have less than me beause I feel that better is worth striving for and with God’s help, I know that I can reach that point in my life. I am ready to come in out of the rain and stop going against God’s hand and finally go with it. Enjoy the song!