Expressing my condolences…

Story: 5-year-old boy, Makell Andrews of Sorrento, identified as crash victim
State: Louisiana
Story credit: NOLA

Though this happened two weeks ago, I never got to express my feelings about this nor did I get to make it to the funeral. Okay so on the 28th of January, I saw that my younger cousins were on InstaGram posting R.I.P. graphics with a name tagged that I wasn’t sure who it was. I didn’t think it was someone that I knew but then again I still wasn’t sure. I logged on to Facebook to see that my sister made a post about this person too and I was still baffled. It wasn’t until I saw a photo one of my cousins posted of the person in question, and it was my baby cousin. I quickly searched his name in Google to see what I could find and I found this article, “5-year-old boy, Makell Andrews of Sorrento, identified as crash victim” and was in complete shock. It takes things like this a while to settle into my mind because I don’t show emotions too well and I don’t like to jump the gun without more facts but the news article confirmed everything. Later in the day my mother gave me a call and asked me if my sister told me what had happened. I was still in disbelief but I let her explain to me what was going on to confirm it again. Sadly, she did and I found out that our baby cousin died that day because of the crash.

I was sad and just in a daze because like I said before, things like this take a while to really seep into my mind and then into my heart. The day after it happened though I remember myself thinking about the incident. That and my cousins were still posting R.I.P. graphics and pictures on InstaGram. While laying down to sleep, everything that had happened finally sunk into my mind and my heart and I shed some tears. I didn’t understand why and I wanted to say things but nothing really seemed right to say. The whole situation made me think about whenever I was a child and I would do something really REALLY bad. The feelings that would run through my mind were how I wish I could go back before the thing that happened that got me into trouble happened. But then I realized how I…how I survived through the things that I thought my mother was going to EXPLODE about (and I was not a bad child and I remember three occasions where I was spanked for doing something so yeah; to be clear and honest it was more of me worrying about whenever my sister did something really REALLY bad and I would stress out for her and I would wish that we could go back to the day before the day it happened.). I know that it may not seem like things are going to get easier but losing a love one is never easy to go through, young or old. I just know that my family was in my prayers with everything and I will keep you guys updated on everything that I can. Thanks.

Happy Birthday, Sis!

My sister! My sister Leah! She was born the day after our mother’s birthday, pretty neat huh? I am not going to say too much because I already posted so much on Facebook  and Instagram but I just wanted to come on my site and show some love to my sister like I did my mother. I am very thankful for my mother and sister and I am just happy that they got to see another year and with me. Remember count your blessings one by one and every day is surely a BLESSING. Thanks!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Man, where can I start? What can I say? I know that things aren’t going like you would have hoped and I know that a year ago you didn’t expect to be without a home now either. It’s getting to the point where you absolutely CANNOT take anything for granted and that the people who walk into your life…YOU BETTER MAKE SURE YOU CAN KEEP THEM especially if their presence is warm and positive. I am learning to do that more and more each day now. I am not real good with coming up with words to say and I am surely not good at coming up with words that are to be spoken. I just want to let you know that things are going to get better for all of us one day and I really believe that this day is coming soon. I no longer want to sit and pout about the things that we can’t change but rather be glad and rejoice over the things that we can change. Right now, our bad days seem to be outweighing our good but as I said before it is just a blessing to be alive and to see another day. I am thankful that you are my mother and I really wouldn’t ask for another. I hope that your birthday was a good one and just know that I do love you very much.