Tiger striped Lamborghini?

Story: Yes, those are Tiger stripes on that Lamborghini
State: Louisiana
Story credit: WAFB

OKAY! Lamborghini Mercy!
YO chick she so thirsty!

Well now, I really have to admit this car is tight! I think it was Saturday when I was on Twitter and I saw the tag, #LSUshakedown and I clicked on it to see what was going on. Still not sure what all was happening but I think LSU was having a game or something. While looking through the tag I saw a photo of a Tiger striped Lamborghini in the colors of purple and gold and thought to myself, “Really?! This person is really serious!” It is starting to grow on me though and I think it’s pretty neat. I am not a car person though and I don’t know much about the fancy brands but I know that this car is expensive! Man, everybody ain’t able but the car is still cool though! Even though I am a ROLL TIDE fan in a land of Tigers I still must give this guy props for doing this. I don’t think I would be the one to do something like this to my car (when I get one *tear*) but everyone is different. Sometimes when I do things that involve certain patterns, they get really boring to me after a while and I regret doing it. I guess it’s a girl thing but the owner of this Lamborghini is a guy so it won’t bother him as much :)

Photo credit: CBS Sports

Alabama VS. LSU…my take.

So yes folks, before I go any further let me say that I am most def a Alabama, ROLL TIDE fan! I just want to reiterate that! I mean on here this is the first time that I have mentioned that I am a ROLL TIDE fan but on my Instagram and Twitter pages I go HAM ona’ ALABAMA!!! Sorry I was just trying to sound cool but let me stop.

Ugh okay this game, this game…THIS GAME! I was just too weak with everything and I don’t know why either! Like for real this is my second year as a college football fan and yes it is always a rush of excitement cheering for Alabama. Tonight I was scared because Alabama looked like they were getting real tired in the second half but at the last minute they picked it up again and I was real happy about that too! My nerves was bad but I am just glad that Bama pulled through. I am not an LSU fan but I really think they played a real good game cause I was afraid that LSU had it! And plus I really respected what Nick Saban had to say about LSU too so yeah. Anyway, let me go to sleep with this still in my mind.

I know this may seem super corny but I really am happy that Alabama won cause with everything going on in my personal life it made me real happy to see that my favorite team win. Shoot I will write about that later but since this is our last night in the hotel my sister and I were real happy to see something great! Night y’all.