Well hello there babies! The name’s Alexa and this is my umm “biography” page. I have written up these little things so many times, it’s ridiculous. I guess I could start by saying that I have been doing web/graphic design and blogging since 2006 but even then that just sounds so…weird. I have been designing and blogging since ’06 though and I have been through a MANY of blogs. From DCD, to Diamond Created, to My Randomosity and my final blog Simply-Atté yeah I have been through some blogs! All in all with what I’ve been through with different sites and such I am still learning more and more everyday. But enough about that! I guess I can state some small facts about me.

I am 22 and an April baby, hee he! I am a college student, attempting to get a B.S. in Biology (recently changed my major but I will not be speaking on this new major just quite yet.) though. I am a very silly young lady and I love to LAUGH. I am a HUGE, huge Aaliyah fan and I love her to pieces! Not really into that “pop, slop” that is out today though I do listen to some. I have a passion for fashion, photography, web/graphic design and nature. I love graphic design but not as a major but I chose to still keep up with it. I have sites aimed for my web/graphic small business and a photography portfolio.

I’ve been told that I am TOO SWEET way too many times before…gee thanks. But then when I get mad and angry it’s always WRONG. Here on my blog I am going to rant and joke about a lot of things. But yeah browse around and check me out on these other social networks listed below. Thanks!

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