So like, how do I make a layout?

No seriously, how do I make a layout for my WordPress blog? I mean everything is so different now and if you haven’t been doing this continuously non stop then you are pretty much out of the loop. Ex: me…so yeah. I look for tutorials but then I get so upset because everything is so much different now. The HTML and CSS still apply and I can even pull out one of my old layouts from back in the day and use it but with like a million errors. Hmm. I keep promising of a new layout but the truth is, all these tutorials are overwhelming me and I don’t have time to sit down and retrain myself. I would say I could pay someone to make me a layout but I am very picky and I don’t like being stuck into something that I cannot change. My LiveJournal is a bit more easier to design than WordPress but yet I still haven’t made anything new. I know that my skills are a bit rusty but I really hope to get some strength to start back up with something because I need to start making layouts again. I want to start making them for Tumblr too but then that is all so much! I am going to do it! I promi-…I am going to TRY to get some out how about that? Yeah, I am going to try. Ugh, some of these tags and categories need to be updated like bad! Ugh!!! I’mma do it, I’mma fix it…

Sorry about that

So umm yeah I know that I was supposed to be working on a challenge for October and November and yeah what happened? I got sidetracked with other things and I am sorry about that. I had some things brought to my mind concerning the sites and I have been trying to work that out. It’s not that big of a deal but it is turning into one for me. I am just trying to make sure that everything that I have is pretty secured. That, and I am noticing that I am more “out there” than I would like to be. I am going to be working on blogging more but I am not going to focus on a challenge. I may complete that other challenge in December, yeah I may do that challenge then but I am not making any promises. Oh well. I just wanted to tell you what was going on.