12 hour snack zone

Usagi snackingNo meal zone, no meal zone! I snack better! Say what? I SNACK BETTER!!! Whoo! I wasn’t expected to get to this point in my life folks and what I am saying it an official giving up on the junk. Why what happened? I just finally got tired of the sluggish feeling, broke feeling, money wasted feeling, yucky feeling, tired feeling and unpleasant bathroom urges and I am at a point where I am willing to do something about it. As we speak I am regretting what I ate because it is leaving a bad aftertaste in my mouth and tummy. It’s like I cannot process food anymore without feeling so yucky. The yucky feeling can best be described as feeling like I am going to regurgitate soon and my body is preparing the services for it and really as if I saw something really nasty and I am grossed out. Ugh, trust me this is a horrible feeling to have just waiting in your body and guess what? Nothing happens so there isn’t anything I can do to stop these strange feelings. I also noticed I have been consuming way too many cold drinks and this could be why I am feeling super uncomfortable. I hate drinking water at work because I am always having to go to the restroom and it’s like I can never hold it for long.

snacks!!!Now I noticed that drinking cold drinks have the same urgent rush like water does. Yikes. But that is all I seem to have for myself at work which is cold drinks and snacks from the vending machine and this isn’t good. I am asked often why I don’t bring lunch and I have no answer but really when I am in the store looking for something, my hands find snacks and TV dinners. It is like I am never in the mood for real food and just grab anything just so I can have something but enough is enough. All this snacking has added up, physically and financially because I am just grabbing random things and keep having to grab random things because nothing is pre-made for me. I am in need of good cleanse and I am so glad that I was able to come across the Simple Green Smoothies website. I intended to do the 30 day challenge for October but that will have to wait. I purchased the special that they had going on for the 21 day cleanse and the 30 challenge so I am going to be working on that this month and in the next. I am ready to start feeling better you guys, seriously I am. I really think it’s me downing cold drinks like I am because even now I feel super yucky as we speak. Blah! It’s going to work out, I believe this. Well please stay tuned to this challenge cleanse thingy as I will be posting about my struggles and whatnot with it. See you all soon <3