Why is Best Buy struggling?

I was on LinkedIn a few months ago when I saw the post from a blogger on the Apple Watch coming to Best Buy and how they felt that this move still wouldn’t help save them. Save them? I am not going to question the blogger because they have the right to their opinion, I just want to ask questions and give mine. Really Best Buy, what happened? I remember when I first got my job working at Best Buy, I was so happy. I finally felt like I got myself into a dream job and I was just too happy to be working in technology. Unfortunately, I was the only person (nerd) who felt like this because I soon found out that people just want jobs and I guess I am the only one who actually enjoys being in certain jobs that are right up my ally. Anyway, with being with this company one this they stressed about to us was first customer service, then credit card sales (meaning opening a new credit card account with us) and protection plan sales and as a front end cashier I had to make sure I succeeded at all. Whenever the store seemed to be down in sales those two things, credit card sales and protection plan sales, were stressed the most for us to try harder at. And of course, Black Friday was a big deal for Best Buy as it is with many stores. I always thought that since Best Buy was that one store that seemed to offer name brand products and at a fairly okay price that this would make people want to come to Best Buy and shop. Wrong.

What is the one problem that could be causing people to NOT want to go to Best Buy to shop? Poor knowledge of the product in question and the understanding of the TRUE TECHNICALITY of the protection plans? +1. Prices aren’t really that great and you don’t seem to get much of a deal? +1. Poor customer service and the fact of being ignored for the entire visit to a Best Buy location? +∞. I can call craps on the whole being treated with rudeness thing because people will leave Best Buy with aggravation of not being helped and go right into Walmart or Target and get worse treatment, search for what they want (because they know where it is), checkout and leave as if the people in the entertainment section aren’t supposed to be as knowledgeable as the Best Buy employees are supposed to be. Hmm. But I can understand the issue of not getting any attention when you are in a general section looking for something and I understand when someone has poor knowledge on a product that you are interested in getting. I still wonder if this could be the reason that Best Buy isn’t doing so well because I don’t believe that they are extremely high priced and I do like have a electronic store that is mainly technology based to shop at.

For some reason, I guess I would feel better getting it from Best Buy than I would from Walmart or Target since technolgy isn’t their main focus becasue they sell everything. Best Buy was cut out to do one thing, succeed where other stores were failing. Well that failed. Just playing, I don’t think Best Buy is doing that bad but where Best Buy is failing, Walmart is succeeding and why is that? No matter what, stores like Walmart and Target just keep winning people over money saving wise and so that happens. I don’t know if Best Buy is going to be pulling out anymore gimmicks to get them back up again but it would be pretty sad to see them go down. This fact and both Walmart and Target learned that they can do exactly what Best Buy is doing and still keep lower prices…hmm. Eh, well this Black Friday will really show the fate of the store. I plan to shop online that is, if I can find a good deal. Before I go, another thing I find issues with is not being able to find things that are on sale for Black Friday. The stuff that I always want to get isn’t in the savings deal. Hmm!

Okay, so what happened was…

I am so lazyOkay, so what happened was I was supposed to have already had a challenge for October and November lined up but something happened…laziness came over to spend the night and ended up staying for a few weeks. That ended up pushing me back with writing more than I expected because I had to wait on him hands and feets (I mean feet). Sorry. At least I have an excuse though, even if you don’t believe it so yeah. But I really had a challenge lined up for October and something was going to come to pass (or past) for November but things aren’t looking to go in that direction. I am going to keep looking for things to do for my October challenge, even it is one that I find. I wanted to track my 21 day cleanse that I was doing from the Simple Green Smoothie website but I am not sure my body is ready for that but I need to start sometime soon.

I can’t keep pushing back my health because I am not sure if now is a good time to start. I guess you don’t have to prepare yourself for a cleanse though, you just step right into doing it hmm. Anyway, because I am not sure if I am going to have that challenge in the position that I want it I think I may, WAIT! The real reason I didn’t do that 21 day cleanse in September because when I found out about it, I wouldn’t have had enough days in September to do it and I had signed up to start the 30 day smoothie challenge for October from Simple Green Smoothie so that is what really happened. I wanted to push the 21 day cleanse to October and just do the smoothie challenge in November, even though Thanksgiving is in November. I am not worried about missing out on yummy Thanksgiving specials because my health is more important than sweet potatoes and turkey with gravy. I got to get this folks, I really do. I don’t want my blog to be all confusing though so I am going to come on here and organize the next challenges that I am going to do on here so my posts won’t seem so cluttered. See you soon loves and I may end up borrowing a challenge from someone’s blog just for fun. <3

36 thousands of debt on the wall, 36 thousands of debt!

breatheOhhhhhhhhhhhhh you take some down…baby stop that student loan debt ain’t going no where. What was I doing in college to have racked up a bill for 36,000+?! And NO DEGREE TO SHOW FOR IT?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! Like I am not even sure how to start paying this off! And I know some of you are just like, “well that’s not bad at all that’s the price of a car…” please forgive me for the thoughts that I just thought. Continue. I can’t get into school anymore without paying that off and I have no degree so I cannot get a decent paying job to help with paying this off; I am trapped. I am not going to blame Sallie Mae because it isn’t the company’s fault. I have always said if I could go back I would have started at a community college but I would have started college…WHEN ALEXA WAS READY and I would have been able to avoid all of the retakes of classes, dorm room fees, meal plans and any other extra costs that they take out whenever you stay on campus. I think that was by far the worse financial decision that I could have made in college, you know staying on campus. Get ready for my explanation folks, sheesh.

dis gon be gud

It was never something that was affordable for me but because this one and that one and whispers in my ear I did what I thought was best and now I regret it. I am working now but this job isn’t bringing in that much for me to save for a car and pay that dinosaur of debt off! Wahh!!! I am not saying it is impossible, I am TELLING YOU that this is impossible. Gosh I really wish I was one of the students whose parents could have afforded to put her through school right about now. All I wanted was a degree and it ended up costing me so much. But on a serious note, I am seriously not alone. I know that there are millions (okay maybe not that many people, I don’t think) of people struggling with paying off their financial aid debts to society and it stinks. Like seriously, it makes you wonder who dropped the ball with this growing debt. Did I not read closely for the candidates that I chose in previous elections or what? You can vote either Democrat or Republic all day long but one thing is for sure, neither side is working on this student debt issue.

Some argue that education should be free and I disagree with that 100%. Why? Why because I know what it is like to have a parent who is in the education system and is living inch by inch on grants and fears of budget cuts and job losses. My mom lost her job teaching because of a college degree that she didn’t have and money shortages in the program. It was hard to watch her struggle with worries and such to the point I made a vow never to go into education for myself even though almost everyone suggested it for me. Horrible pay was always the talk around education but yet so many were still going into this field. Just because my bad experience with education I can’t fix my mouth to say that education should be free. I believe it should be a reasonable price, meaning college education but no one wants to look at it that way. Saying that education should be free is like saying gasoline should be free and if that were the case many of you would be jobless right now…just saying. I do believe that college education should come at a price, but never a hindrance. Sigh, but it’s going to work out for me I believe this. I believe that I will be able to finish my degree in college and take control of my financial part of me again. Yes, it keeps upsetting me but for now I am going to let it go and move on to something else…information technology.

EVERYBODY has bad days, Alexa.

I know I know I know…that EVERYBODY HAS BAD DAYS but even with knowing this it still doesn’t help in letting you avoid them. I guess that is where the “LIFE” part comes in. It stinks to have to have a bad cashier one night and then go into work and have a bad customer the very next day knowing that you are truly not in the wrong. I think what has helped me out the most is knowing that everyone is human and that we all deal with issues and situations. You don’t know mine and I don’t know yours but still you have to have some level of a clear mind to be able to function in customer service, no matter what end you are on. And I guess for me I am doing my best to find that job that deals with absolutely NO PROBLEMS but I know that I am going to be searching forever because that dream career is non-existent. If it is one that thing I can definitely say about jobs and careers is it this: YOU NEVER STOP DEALING WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE, EVER.

You just don’t folks and reason being is because there isn’t any job, that I know of, that doesn’t deal with people on a regularly basis. With that said, you just have to remember, I have to remember that everyone has bad days. It stinks when people try to take their frustrations out on you but in turn remember not to be that person either. I do my best and I am NOT PERFECT but at least I know this and the most very important lesson that I have learned from working in customer service with all my jobs is this…”WHAT HAPPENS AT WORK STAYS AT WORK“. Don’t bring that confusion and negative energy home and end up hurting someone you love, let it go. Remember to smile and greet, and say thank you as you can. Keeping a friendly smile does help not so much in avoiding stupidity from people but as a self reminder that their actions won’t get to you. Well have a great day folks and see you later <3