Can you stop a storm before it happens?

the stormWell can you? Some would say no because you are not God and do not have those type of abilities but let’s look at this in the life aspect. You’ve been receiving the signs, given the proper forecast warning you about the severity of the storm to come. So you start preparing for it like its here already, acting paranoid skipping assignments and just overall acting crazy behind this storm. But. But no matter how much preparation you do before the storm, you still end up getting stuck inside one…and you wonder what it is you did wrong. Well what on Earth could this girl be talking about? I am talking about the storms of life and the warning signs we get to avoid them but still end up having to endure these storms. It is so weird how you could even have dreams about something bad happening and depending on how you interpret the dream you could end up in some mess either way the interpretation goes or living in fear because of the dream.

I have had this happen to me before and no matter how much I blew the dreams off, they still came into existence and it drove me crazy that I wasn’t able to stop it. What’s the point of being shown what is going to happen if you cannot make the choice to avoid it, like that is so crazy to me. Do not get me wrong though, there are dreams that I had where I defeated the storm and I was shown them in my waking life but I do wonder what could have happened if things went the other way. Was it because I was “prayed up” even though in many instances I was caught sinning? No matter how prayed up you are, you still experience hard times as a Christian so I am not sure what it was. It just makes me wonder if we really have control over the choices we make and don’t make. Some would say that we don’t but even then with this statement that I just wrote, I still believe that WE DO have control over the choices that we make in life and that is THAT. No, you may not be able to stop a storm from coming, but with God there helping guide you into the right choices (if you chose to listen to Him) then I believe that you can be better prepared for the storm and whatever aftermath that may come. Please remember this whenever you step into something unexpected that God loves you and would never want to see you in any type of pain. You must learn to let go of your flesh and start to trust Him because believe me when I say this, His got the master plan to work it all out. Love you all. <3

Might as well do something while you’re doing nothing.

Haa ha. Haa ha. Sorry that was from napoleon dynamite but anyway it is pertaining to something that I have been begging myself to do…slim down. I feel so bad right now and I don’t mean bad as in emotions wise. I feel pretty yucky again and I am not sure what the cause of it is. I rarely eat meals but I can get my hands on a snack and fast food easily and I think I am starting to feel the results of the snack attack and fast food frenzy weighing down on me. I figured it would be better not to stress about losing weight right now because I am in a living situation that is pretty stressful and has caused me to gain weight because of it. But with that fact, I am not sure how much more I can take of just eating reckless like this, I might as well do something right? I am not showing the stress and I have been doing pretty well with keeping it to myself but I know that if I don’t find something soon, that stress will explode into something very un-pretty and I really would hate for that to happen. Car-less it is hard for me to find a way to get back and forth to a gym so I don’t have that option. I could come up with other ways for me to work out though. I guess I spend so much time on Tumblr re-blogging pictures of people who go to the gym and pump iron like beasts and who have six-packs. I guess I feel like I need a gym to lose weight and that dieting won’t do anything for me. It is going to work out, it will and I would like to keep track of my progress through my blog on here. I am going to start up soon but everything has to fall into place correctly though. I am not in a rush to do this so that is what is helping with keeping me calm. See you guys soon and I will starting that weight loss blogs soon. <3

Forcing myself to say SOMETHING.

I mean that is the only way that I am going to keep up with blog posts to Simply Atte right? I have to do something with Graphic Nerdy Studio soon though because I don’t have anything that site. I still have my “coming soon” sign that I made like in 2011 for my website…oops. But yeah back to my situation at hand and that is finding things to talk about on here. I know that it may seem so easy to blog about just anything, especially if your blog has one set purpose be it celebs, fashion, music or whatever but I am pretty random. I am all over the place and I am not sure what I want Simply Atte to be other than to make sure that it is for me and about me. I would love to get into posting pictures but I just don’t think my photos are that interesting so I end up not sharing them. I am a nature lover but I focus so much on the sky and clouds. It has been my dream to catch a really amazing Louisiana sunset and maybe even some real good beach spots in Louisiana. I was successful in begging my mom and sister to please let’s go to Mandeville when we were all off. I got some pictures and I am going to be posting them soon. Some are already on my Flickr: thelovelyatte account already because I took those with my phone. So yeah, I really am going to do better with more blogging even if the blog is a blog challenge or whatever. Something is better than nothing right? I hope.