Finally giving in.

Yes, I am finally giving in and I am going to soon and VERY soon purchase me a [LEGAL] copy of Adobe Creative Suite. There is a one year trial that you can try and I hope to pieces that it doesn’t blow the small computer that I have now! I just couldn’t take it anymore, meaning with this plain and simple website design and I just want to try my luck. I really want to see if I can come up with something that is more me. I haven’t been able to find a simple layout that was cute and that I felt could handle my word heavy posts. I am going to be sketching out some designs soon as I get a good enough break. I really am hyped about doing this and I really hope that I can come up with my mom’s site as well. She’s been waiting so patiently and I have been promising a completed website but with the lack of resources, money to pay someone else to do it, cockiness if someone else got around to doing it and lack of confidence in [AND FEAR OF] my own skills I have just been putting it off. Yeah I know. But I am, HAVE, been thinking of all types of things that I could possibly do with the program and PRAY that I can get around to getting it and playing around with it soon. Wish my luck and I will let you know what is going on!


In some pain and have been for a while now and why you ask? I guess I could be writing about my day to day life but I haven’t been feeling like coming on here to do so. And you would think that writing about what was going on would motivate me to update my site…it hasn’t. Things have started to look up but things have also got me feeling pretty crummy too. I have a lot of internal issues that I am trying to deal with and figure out but things are not working out for me. Not everything is going wrong but they are definitely not going how I planned. I think it is time for me to start back up “My College Daze” posts and I am going to be doing them pretty soon. These next posts are going to be pretty sporadic, well not really but I am going to be posting a lot. To keep the peace I am not going to have many posts going towards my linked accounts, since I am trying to get rid of many of them. I haven’t forgotten what I was setting out to do in “Slowly detaching myself, from Social Media.” and I am going to explain why later on when I get to it but yeah. I really feel the need to finish up My College Daze because I feel like I am about to, try to, ATTEMPT to once again…finish college. Am I mad? When I get to that point in the post, you will see why I am questioning trying college again. You would think that I would just given up…but for some reason I didn’t.