Wishing you a very well, Miss Angel over at ConcreteLoop.com


It was March 12th whenever I decided to take a browse on Concrete Loop, only to discover that this was their official LAST post. Angel Laws the creator and editor of the celebrity talk website called Concrete Loop had made a statement saying that she wasn’t going to be blogging and that the site would be closing down. I was shocked and I started to wonder if something were wrong but then again I understood and respected her choice.

I guess you can say that I have been a long time reader; really not sure how I came about the site though. Like I am always doing I had to be searching for some celebrity at the time or of something that I heard of and landed on Concrete Loop. When I landed on the site I was very intrigued too. Though I was never into celebrities like that I always enjoyed reading other people comments for some reason. Really, reader comments was the ONLY reason I visit celebrity based blogs and gossip site because the comments are always entertaining. I was one of the quiet readers on Concrete Loop but none the less I enjoyed the site. That and really Concrete Loop was the only site that never spammed my poor helpless computer with 12,000 ads which I hate that too. Every click on an article nowadays seems to lead to an ad rather than the story, sheesh! And I always felt that Concrete Loop was a more tasteful blog, in my own opinion too.

Though I will miss reading the comments from the various STAN nation and right minded people I can understand what it’s like to be ready to move on to something else. I really wish that I would have had the chance to meet Miss Angel though because she came down to Louisiana a few times for the Essence festival but every time I was flat broke and could never make it but she always posted photos of her time in Louisiana. I always will admired black bloggers and wish you very well with whatever adventure you decide to part take upon next Angel! Good luck!

“Pennywise” cousin shaking up the people of Staten Island

Story: Pennywise, the clown foolish? and Staten Island Clown continues to thrill residents despite hoax claim
State: New York
Story credit: Yahoo! News and Syracuse

Y’all, like oh my goodness seriously?! It was yesterday when I opened up my Google Chrome to land myself on the front page on my Yahoo! homepage. I usually don’t pay attention to Yahoo! anymore because my email accounts just keep getting horribly spammed for some reason so I gave up on Yahoo! a long time ago. But! But whenever I seen this story about the “creepy clown” that was appearing around Staten Island I had to click on the story. At first after reading the article, I will admit I thought that this was very strange and kind of creepy for some random clown to be lurking about and at night too. Then I quickly remembered someone on my Facebook page posting about there being a remake to Stephen King’s It movie. The first article that I read mention something about how this was probably a publicity stunt and I agreed. The photos captured of this clown are quite eerie though and I was starting to think other wise. Really, I was starting to think like the person who has watched too many crime shows. You have to admit, if someone dressed like this guy were to come up to you at night you would freak out.

But like the lady in the news report said, this clown (or person) isn’t breaking any rules and is just…having a good…time? I am not sure why he feels the need to go all out for this movie but he isn’t violating any rules so it’s okay. If college students can come to class on Halloween dressed like the guy from Saw and people not have a problem then it’s cool (I guess) for this clown (or person) to do what he is doing. Scary movies are really the “what if” to many moments and if you ask me he is really tapping into his “what if” moment! Only thing is if this clown decides to go too far and ends up messing with the wrong person and you know with “stand your ground law” out there…well you know how that could end. A lot of people unfortunately do not think before they act. Like for me though, just like I mentioned above I have watched too many crime shows when you had people doing strange things like this and…ugh never mind. It’s just a silly man, in a clown costume just doing this for laughs! No harm…at least I hope not. But please, check out those photos because they are something else, I guess.

Photo credit: Lurking Staten Island clown creeps out local residents


Haa haa.

I will spare you with the “oh I’m back!” and the “it’s been so long…” phrases and post and just come out with it. I’ve been on here, just haven’t been sure what I wanted to write! I mean really have been having a lot of things on my mind but I have been dealing with them other ways instead of writing. Hmm. Every time I come on here it just urks me that I am not able to fix, that issue that is bugging me. I have been meaning to get my hands on…blah! Not even in the mood to go on about how those plans failed through but it is okay. I am still working on something else for my site and I hope that I can get it done real soon! I keep saying, “I hope, I wish, I want…” and my plans just keep getting pushed back. Sigh. I will be back later on in the weeks to make more updates and changes to the site. Bye now!