Happy Birthday Grandmother!

Now if you know my family and you know my Grandmother, then you know that my Grandmother DOES NOT celebrate birthdays. It has something to do with how in the Bible there is a story about John the Baptist being beheaded on the request of a female on the person she danced for birthday. I am going to have to brush up on that story but I know it so don’t come on here trying to give me the whole spill, trust me my Grandmother reminds me of it daily and I should know it like the back of my hand but I have other things to worry about. Anyway she doesn’t celebrate any holidays really but she does enjoy Mother’s day and Thanksgiving. She is a strong Christian woman with her morals and values set very high and no she is not a Jehovah Witness nor is she Southern Baptist. She is just a Christian so let’s just leave it at that. Though she doesn’t like for us to wish her a happy birthday, I still like to call her and tell her that I am happy that she made it to another year. As a child, I often struggled and sometimes was afraid to call her on her birthday and let tell her “happy birthday” because we really couldn’t say that to her. I finally figured out the right words to say and she is very happy whenever we call (and say the right things) to her. She isn’t too overbearing so don’t get that wrong but she has her own ways. We’ve been with her so long that we are used to them but someone new coming in wouldn’t understand her. I am just very thankful for her and the many prayers she has prayed over me and my family especially me with school and such. I wouldn’t ask for another Grandmother and though her ways can be very tough at times, I know that she means well and that things wouldn’t get done if she wasn’t the way that she was. I love my Grandmother and I am so thankful and blessed to have her as my Grandmother. I know you are probably wondering what I keep saying “Grandmother” and not “Grandma” and that’s because my Grandmother doesn’t like to be called “Grandma” and won’t respond to us if we do. That doesn’t have anything to do with her religious ways but rather the fact that she dislikes that word and would rather “Grandmother” instead. I know, I know. She is also going to fuss as soon as someone messy tells her that I posted this photo of us to my site after she forcefully and deliberately fussed about not wanting these photos on the Internet…but I will take this one shot for the team. Happy Birthday Grandmother.

Pictures! This blog needs pictures!

Yes, pictures is what could help with spicing up my blog a bit! I really wish that I had the space and camera to add my photos that I take to my blog. Since I am not using my computer and I haven’t seen my computer since forever (I miss you buddy) I haven’t been able to edit or design anything for Simply Atte and that stinks. I hate that I have been away from my computer this long (man I really sound like a 1st class nerd, gosh) but I am hoping to have some good news with moving soon. I will talk about that in a few but let’s focus on this post. I was just browsing the my entries and thinking to myself, “my blog could really use some nice photos or visuals to the site”. Thankfully for social networks like InstaGram and awesome editing apps like Rhoanna Designs, Fotor, Over and PicFx I am able to make photos and save them on my phone and then upload them to my blog. As simple as that! I am happy that I finally figured that out! I have, well in the past, had my Flickr and InstaGram linked but that was just between those two. I am going to be working on taking more nature photos and adding my work on here. If there is one thing that I learned on InstaGram is to not over post and I did that a lot with my nature photography. Really whenever I got on InstaGram I thought that it was a nature type, photography type of social network and it’s not. It’s more social and “get me likes” than anything and that’s fine but I want to do me. I feel like I have been able to edit and manipulate a lot of my nature photos for beautiful outcomes and I really would like to share them on my blog. I am going to be starting something new soon, not sure when though. It is going to involve pictures and picture taking, sort of like a blast from the past but like a Louisiana type thing. I will speak more on it as soon as I get the chance to come on here and sit down and write out the challenge! But yeah, if it’s more photos that you want, it’s more photos that you are going to get! I am serious about improving my blog, I just have to work on my social networking skills, gosh! It’s like I am becoming more (at least I hope) social without the internet and in person and less sociable through the internet…man. See you all soon.

Another move…

Well at least this time with the move, we are back in Livingston Parish so I can’t complain about that. It was pretty sporadic and hurried but we are here and we are still settling in. I am not really feeling any big emotions right now and I guess that is because I am dealing with some other things but hopefully whenever I get more of a chance to come on here and write I will. My computer gave up on me, (very sad) so I am not sure where to go from here with that little situation. I am here (mentally) but I am still struggling with trying to catch myself and stay focused. I hope that I will be able to catch up with things soon before it gets too late (in reference to school). Sigh. Not much else to say on this blog but I am going to try to write a lot more than I have been. See you sometime soon.

Inspirational songs: Confidence by Tasha Cobbs

Name of the song: Confidence
Name of the artist: Tasha Cobbs

Oh my gosh this song is like my personal anthem now! Is Tasha Cobbs a new artist or something because this year, since we’ve been staying with family, has been the first time that I have ever heard of her. I am not into watching reality shows, contest shows or anything that most people are hooked on now so if she is from a contest show then I definitely wouldn’t know about her. I heard this song while riding in the car with my cousin to go somewhere, I don’t remember where, but anyway. While listening to this song, the word “Confidence” stuck to me for some reason. I guess it was just me relating the word confidence to my own “30 days of Confidence” challenge. Even though the song isn’t about self confidence but more so confidence in the fact that you know that God will come through for you and be there for you I still enjoyed it and loved it. This song speaks a lot of volumes to me because I am really learning how to do just that which is having confidence that God will deliver and that He will deliver on time. I get so sidetracked by what so and so has that I forget to focus on my own story and how I need to stop comparing my life to other people’s life. There are times where I get into slumps and I start thinking that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing with God and getting back to Him and so it’s songs like this that encourage me to hang in there because in the end it will be worth. And also that I need to have amazing confidence that He will do what He says He’ll do.

So after hearing it again but not sure of the complete lyrics to the song, I searched for it on Google and came up to the song. From then on I have been listening to it ever since and I can’t wait to get my computer back up and running so that I can buy my music again! I miss using my iTunes and I ready to start loading my iPhone with music again! At the beginning of this summer I decided it would be best if I delete all my music off of my phone to make room for all the apps that I have…bad idea. I have been without my music ever since and I am really in need of a iPod. I want to get that 64 GB iPod because I need all that space! I hate not having enough room on my phone for my music, photos and apps but this phone is only 16 GB so yeah (as a matter of fact, I am running out of room right now without the music on here…). Anyway below are two versions of the song. I listen to the first one because I haven’t gotten used to the long version yet but they are pretty much the same so enjoy!

Inspirational songs: Holding on by J.Moss

Name of the song: Holding on
Name of the artist: J.Moss (James Moss)

Oh my gosh, this song! I admit, I will easily dismiss a song if the beat is wack but that is just me. If it don’t sound like I am going to be interested in it, I change/skip/exit-out of it real quick but that was not the case for this song. I was on YouTube one day, hoping that I could find more songs by J.Moss to listen to and I am happy that I came across this song, “Holding on”. The melody of this song is so relaxing but at the same time it is delivering a powerful message, “how do you feel like holding on?” and this is a question that many Christians struggle with. This is one of the main reason, (I believe) that many Christians abandon their faith and turn back to their worldly ways. One because while in their test they forget the many stories in the Bible of those who went through many struggles to have to get to the place where God wanted them to be and two because they don’t have as much Earthly support as they would like. We all want that one human friend who we can talk to about something but even then after we go searching for them and we find them, we still don’t feel good about telling them our problems…and it hurts even worse.

This song is just basically the self asking the self, are you really faithful enough in Jesus to trust Him and know that He is going to deliver…not when you want it but when the timing is right? This song hit me in my desperate times, going through being homeless and not sure how I was going to deal with waiting on God or doing something by myself. I also asked myself this through school and this major. Am I in the right major? Is all this terrible stuff happening to me, really supposed to be happening to me? Does God even want me to be a doctor? But forgetting the fact that I never prayed to God for my answer to what I was supposed to be doing with the rest of my life because like I mentioned before, I was too afraid to go back to Him and ask Him a question. But yeah please take a listen to the song, it’s really nice and this song also has a nice R&B tone to it. Be blessed.