Looking for COLLEGE bloggers!

Hello everyone and I hope that you all are doing well. I have been taking some time out from blogging to work on editing my RSS feed and also to work on my mother’s site, Nae Nae’s Things. She makes custom made jewelry and I have been trying for the LONGEST to do research on how to come up with a cute and effective website layout for her. One that fits her personality as well as her purpose but along with that I get so tired of sitting up browsing for tutorials on how to make a website. I am not only trying to make a website but I am trying to come up with an e-commerce website too. I am hoping that I can push through and make it to the end and get my mother’s website up because she really deserves it. She has been working really hard on it and I want to show that her work IS worth it. Anyway along with that…I have been trying to find more college bloggers! Having a blog is one thing but having a good community to comment and have a conversation with is another and I really feel like that is what Simply Atte is missing. But along with that, I know that from the point of view of being a college blogger that I am a college student and I don’t always have time to sit and write. So this is mostly why I am unable to find others who have time to blog. Still it would be so nice to link up with other college bloggers and more importantly with others in my major which is Biology.

I am not giving up hope! The search at time still feels in vain but I am keeping my hopes up that I will soon come across other college kids that blog like me so yeah. I am going to be making many updates to my site so in advance if you come across broken links or weird looking layouts, I apologize! See you later.

I have a lot to say.

And this is very true because I do have a lot to say and to certain people that just don’t want to listen. I have learned from experience that you just can’t force someone to do something, they have to want it on their own and I believe that goes both ways too. What I mean by that is that you can’t be forced into doing something that someone else wants you to do or that they feel would be better for you. I have been in this position a many of times and it is always like I am having to deal with aggressive people who want you to ALWAYS see things their way. This is good only in some situations. For example, if you are a hard headed person dealing with another hard headed person, it sometimes may be a good thing that you are able to be aggressive with them so that they can somehow see that your way isn’t because it’s your way but a better choice. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am dealing with a lot of things right now but I don’t have anyone to really talk to them about. I have been having dreams showing me things but because I am unsure how to interpret them, I just sweep them up under the rugs and forget about them and that’s not good. It isn’t good because I know that I am going to have to face the same problem again so if I don’t face them and solve them now I am not sure how I am going to make it through the next.

I am not at a stressed level just yet and I don’t want to search for it either. I feel fine stress wise but I am very concerned about some of the things, signs, that I am getting. It’s kind of like I am trying to prevent the future from happening but I don’t know what steps to do to take them. I don’t like being in environments where I have to deal with other stressed people because that really brings a damper on everyone. In my attempts to try to comfort someone that I love, it just seems like I am making it worse and that makes me feel bad. I don’t like feeling like something is wrong with someone, especially with my mom (the person whom I am talking about). Yes I understand we still may not have a home yet but we are in a better situation than we were before and our situation isn’t as horrible as it could be. Hmm. I can’t force you to be happy because in doing so, that makes me unhappy because I can’t accomplish what I am trying to do which is make sure you’re okay. All in all I think it’s just finally time to start taking care of me. I am ready to start working on this for myself and I have been blessed enough to get the opportunity that I have gotten (and I will talk about that later on) so I just want to smile. Yeah I’m homeless. I don’t have a car, I have some student loans to pay off and I am still in college. My clothes aren’t that nice and sometimes my hair isn’t either. But. But I know that somewhere someone has it 10 times worse and I also know that somewhere while this person is going through their storm that they are smiling all the way through it and I am going to smile too.

On a brighter note, I finally fixed my RSS feed (Thank you Jesus!) and I am going to still keep up with my posts on My College Daze. I am going to be editing them though so they are smaller and easier to read cause I really would like to share my college experience with the next person. So that way they can see that the things that they are worried about they don’t have to stress about. See you later.

Happy Birthday, Simply Atte!

Well we made 3 years of being online but I really feel like I have only been active like 1 year. I wish I could have spent some of my time building up a better blogging community but things came up and I really got busy with school and such. Hopefully my post about My College Daze will explain everything that I have been encountering with school and such. I am hoping to really build up my site because I don’t want it to go to waste. I love my blog site, and I love my blog name too cause it fits me so well. Anyway today is special to me because it’s also my Great Grandmother’s birthday. Whenever I purchased this domain on this day I made sure that I did it with purpose because I really still do miss my Great Grandmother and her words of wisdom. I wish that I could have paid more attention to her then because I know that those talks she used to have with my sister and I weren’t for nothing. Anyway I hope everyone is having a great Friday and I will be back with the rest of my posts about My College Daze. Stay tuned.

Taking some time to clean things.

And what I mean by that is my site. I am really vexed about this silly RSS feed and the fact that it isn’t working properly. What could be the issue? I have searched every topic about broken RSS feeds and still have come to nothing. I even tried to ask for help but I received no response. I have gone through disabling all plugins and disabling my pre-made themes thinking it was something that I did. Wrong. The reason that I am so vexed about it is because I am going to be working on other sites that are going to really NEED their RSS feeds to be working and if I can’t get it right on my own, how should I expect to get it write on theirs? Exactly. I have been at my wits end for some time now and my WordPress blog is starting to look funny now. I don’t mess around with deleting and adding codes becaues I know that you aren’t supposed to mess with WordPress’ core coding I got that. But I am going to keep trying because I am not sure why the feed went back to bad in the first place. They say using special characters and things like that can mess RSS feeds up and also switching back and forth between themes too. Ugh nothing is seeming to work but I really hope I can figure it out sooner or later. Peace.

My College Daze: 08 was Great.

Well kind of. I remember I had my head in the clouds (literally) during this school year. I was just happy that I finally made it to my senior year of high school. During that summer of 2007, I had experienced some financially painful wake up calls which really made me feel like my mom and I were at our worse. I never knew things could get so bad around us with the penny pinching and the scrimping for cash. And on top of that, my mom had no car. Her car caught on fire with her in it and when I tell you, I can remember this day as if it were yesterday. My mom was able to make it out and I am thankful she did but we were all discouraged because we had just got the car out of the shop. So with money issues, no car blues and the fact that my Great Grandmother wasn’t able to see me graduate high school since she passed away in 2006, I was just in a bit of a daze.

During my senior year, all I wanted to do was put my focus on something other than my current situation and I did this often with web and graphic designing. I wasn’t granted too much information about colleges (nor did I care to search myself) unless it was about Louisiana State University (LSU) or Southeastern (SELU). I heard of Southern University but I also was told to stay away from that university because they were so bad with their financial aid system. I already knew that I wasn’t able to pay out of pocket for college so my only option was Southeastern. I had been around the campus since I was younger and I really liked it too. Southeastern seemed quiet, small and perfect for me so I knew that I wanted to come back. But truthfully I felt like coming back to Southeastern could somehow fix everything and make it like it used to be. I guess I wanted to go back to a time where I didn’t have to acknowledge our money problems but when I think about it, there was never a time that I had that opportunity.

So with graduation steadily approaching, I wasn’t really making any effort to prepare for college. It wasn’t like I was moping around but I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in college. I remember some how coming across a curriculum for a Forensic Scientist because I was in love with Law and Order: SVU, Forensic Files, CSI and CSI: Miami. I thought I was going to be just like them you know, fighting crimes and saving lives but my passion was somehow steered elsewhere…WEB AND GRAPHIC DESIGN. There would be times that a close friend and I talked about college and he told me about Full Sail University and how he had plans to go there and get a degree. When I heard about Full Sail University I really thought my nerd prayers had been answered. But, because of money limitation the idea of attending Full Sail University was put on the back burner and I went back the Southeastern idea.

Yes, college and the idea of freedom was great…but I was worried about my mom. I remember of often thinking about my mom and how I could just do something great that would benefit us both. I didn’t like seeing my mom having to penny pinch like she did and more importantly I didn’t like not being able to help but I was often selfish too. I remember stating on here that many people think that when you are poor you have the tendency to be more kind and giving but from my point of view not so much. You sometimes get tired of things being taken away from you and you just want to finally have something to yourself and you sometimes don’t share like you should. And with my nice sum of graduation money I had to make a no choice decision to give up my cash for bills. And yeah I was brokenhearted about the way that things played out for me with my money but I soon let it go. Later, I had to make a decision on whether or not I wanted to attend college with my plans not going like I wanted to, that answer would be a strong NO.