Let’s try this one more time.

I mean it. I am serious about losing weight this time. I feel like since I don’t have any distractions like work or school, then I am going to be able to focus more on losing weight. I hope that once I get it started that as soon as school starts up, then I will be able to keep it going. I would like to come up with a 4 month or 5 month plan to help me with losing weight. Part of me wishes that this could be done over night, since I sometimes feel like I gained weight over night. But then the more logically part of me knows that this is something that really takes times to do. It’s something that you work at and once accomplished you will feel so great about it. On Pintrest there are many photos of girls before and after photos that are really inspirational but the only thing is this. It’s one thing to post photos on a board. It’s another thing to actually get up and do it. I see a lot of girls who post photos like the squat challenge and other things but I am pretty sure they aren’t doing it. I am not trying to bash anyone either but I don’t want to be that person. I want to actually do it this time. The only thing different from me now is that I want this so badly, for myself.

Paula Deen and her controversy using racial slurs

I waited a very long time to write a post on Paula Deen and her recent controversy with using racial slurs because I wanted to make sure that I got all the facts that I needed. I don’t like to jump to conclusion with anything and I think it is funny that a lot of people do. Everybody just wants to be first to say things instead of getting all the facts straight. I am not saying it isn’t okay to make mention of something but before you go posting things about stuff at least do yourself a favor and read up on it further. Don’t try to be the first to be re-tweeted on Twitter just because you are looking for fame. Not everything is as it appears to be so do your research. Now with that said I want to talk about this whole controversy. I will state that with these posts like this, I am going to be stating my opinion and my feelings. What I believe or feel may not be what you believe and feel but again this is MY BLOG and I have the right to say what I want to say. I am going to be doing more posts like this where I just basically comment on the things in life. Well really I have already been doing posts like this, I just chose to stay away from celebrities because I don’t want my blog to become a celebrity blog. This blog is about me and things concerning me. Anyway! I am ready to start my thoughts about Paula Deen.

Some may have not liked Paula Deen because of her extra use of butter but I will admit when I saw Paula Deen when I was younger, I used to think she was a very cute Southern woman. I didn’t really watch her shows because I thought they weren’t as interesting as Rachael Ray’s shows, I mean come on! Rachael Ray was making meals in 30 minutes and to me as a young child I thought that was so interesting! I remember my sister being inspired by Rachel Ray to become a chef and go to culinary school but that never worked out. I still like cooking though but I haven’t really watched the Food Network like that since I was younger. The only reason I have been watching it so much this past Spring semester was because Southeastern only gives you so many options with the basic cable in the dorm rooms. Nothing good was on and I just would turn it to the Food Network channel to watch…well food. I know that is real torture, you know to watch food while you are hungry but I somehow got addicted to the shows “Restaurant Impossible” and “Chopped”. Those are my shows now and I enjoyed watching them over the Spring semester! Anyway I got to get back to my commentary on Paula Deen! This is about her but I had to get through that small history lesson for you all.

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My RSS feed finally working!

Oh my goodness, thank you Jesus for helping me get this RSS feed! I have been working on it since literally last week and I wasn’t getting anyway. I was searching every little detail that I could but nothing was working. That feed file was showing up as an error. This week I decided to take to Twitter for some help, but the people weren’t replying back and that made me even more frustrated. I finally made a break through on it from a source that I found today from just browsing the Internet with certain keywords. I came up to a site called, “W3It” and the article really shed some more light on my problem. Apparently, with the many coding difference and many characters your feed can go bad. I didn’t learn this from this particular site but I had been reading on it. In many cases like this, it is really hard to try to figure out what is going on with your blog’s feed and let me tell you I was going through everything.

One site’s advice was disabling all of your plugins while others talked just about a plugin for Feedburner. Unfortunately, none of the plugins that are up for Feedburner on WordPress are working very well. I feel like I really tried just about every plugin there was for Feedburner on WordPress and none of them worked. Sigh. Anyway I just wanted to come on here and introduce the new layout and the fact that I finally got that feed to start reading correctly. I am still having issues with the comments feed but I am going to keep reading up on it and I will update you all when I figure it out. Hope you like this cute RSS feed button that I got from Smashing Magazine! See you soon!

Credit for the RSS feed button: elephant Smashing Magazine
Credit for my little funky feed problem: W3It

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Room for thoughts.

Hmm. I see everyone else moving on in life you know. Getting married, graduating and just at new points in their lives and I’m not really doing anything. The old me wants to take this time to get depressed while the new me wants to take to change me and focus more on me and my relationship with God more than anything. It’s really why I have been trying to stay away from social networks because I would rather not see all that right now. I know some would say it’s silly to get upset from social networks and that’s true. You say why get depressed about someone’s good. And I answer because my family and I have been the same since I was younger and nothing seemed to change. As a matter of fact things seemed to get worse but we kept in there.

I always thought that my family and I would somehow come up out of this one day. You know like one of them poor families in the stories you know. Win the lottery, find oil on our property, or that I was gonna be the next big graphic designer but I decided not to do that.

I always waited for our happy ending but it never came. Things just seemed to get worse. I know that my Grandmother wouldn’t agree with me getting depressed over seeing everyone else getting better. In fact, she’d lecture me good on how I am wrong for doing so and would remind me of the situation that she is in herself and how with everything she still hasn’t left God’s side. As for me, whenever things would get bad, I would stop trusting God and feel like He was angry with my mother and me instead of taking person responsibility. I would often reflect upon the story of Job in the Bible and I would always tell myself that things would get better but worldly things got to me and I started doubting God.

Whenever I think about coming out of this, I think about my Grandmother too and how I want to make sure that she has everything she needs. I want my mother and Grandmother to have the best. I just want them to be able to not have to worry about money anymore that much. I don’t want them to have to worry about me financial but they care for me so it comes naturally. An example. While talking with my Grandmother one day, I remember me mentioning that I saw a book that I needed to start studying for the OAT with. She questioned on how much it would be and I tried to dodge the question and then she finally stopped me and made me pull the answer out.

She willingly offered to pay for it and I just told her yes ma’am in hopes that she would forget so I wouldn’t have to worry her with paying for it. I just didn’t feel like it was that urgent for me and that I could have waited until I had the cash for it. Well my Grandmother sure let me have it when she figured out what I was doing. And I guess it upset her to know that I was gonna miss out on something education wise that she could have helped me for and I respect that about her so much. It is her and her strong faith in Christ that motivates me to keep going but I need more.

I have always said that it’s one thing to know how to go to church and know God because your parents taught you. But it’s another to know God… for you and to really go through something while getting to know Him. I feel like it’s time for me, Alexa Atté to finally find God, for myself and not because my family raised me to do so. I feel like so long I have gone to church and prayed because I had to and not because I wanted to. I often have felt that my prayers were in vain because I wasn’t sure if I was praying the right things. I feel like I am better prepared to go on a journey to get to Christ on my own now and not because of mother and Grandmother but because I just need to know for myself that He is real and that He does care. With that said, I am ready to start my fast.

[EDIT]Remember when I said that whenever I have time to think about stuff, life starts hitting me? Well this is one of those times and I just wanted to write this out. Be back later with more things.[/EDIT]

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