Simply Atté, I haven’t forgotten about you!

Hey boo! I know it’s been a while. After a certain point in the semester things got real busy and I couldn’t blog. I wanted to so badly but I couldn’t. This semester wasn’t real good for me and I know it was 100% my fault. I would just rather forget about it and move on. I had plans to take a summer class but things didn’t work out to my advantage so I am going to be chilling at home. I am hoping to find a summer job somewhere and somewhere quick. I would like to take my summer to relax and work on me a bit. I also have some posts that I would love to share to you guys but I have a lot of editing to do within them. I going to be using my blog to my advantage this summer so please stay tune. I know I am talking to a blank audience whenever I say, “stay tune” but I have faith that my audience will increase. Anyway just a small update! Since my family and I still have no home and since my computer is a desktop, I am unable to access it as I would like. Hopefully in June I can have more access to it. I also hope to start making layouts for LiveJournal, WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr soon if I can. I want to use my blog to journey my weight loss and our hopeful voyage to a new home. Anyway okay! I am gone for real this time. Hope not for long though. :)