15 Day Challenge-Day 7

Day 7 – Pet peeves.

Now now what are some pet peeves that I have? Gosh at the moment I really can’t think of anything that really drives me. Sometimes when people say certain words it kind of aggravates me. I know that everyone has different accents or whatever but some words, being smart by not mentioning them, really bug me when certain people say them. Ugh I am getting annoyed just talking about this! Ugh! Okay but is there anything else? Not that I can…oh yes…cheating. I know that most of you would probably think that cheating doesn’t occur at the college level but truth be told it does. I feel like it is, this is just my opinion, “accepted” for certain people to get the easier route out while the rest of us have to work hard for our grades. That really makes me angry and then on top of that whenever people would brag about cheating in courses that I felt I was truly trying knowing that I wasn’t going to get out with a good grade but the others just slid on by.

I think that is pretty much it but here are some other ones that just popped up in my head. Have a good Sunday everyone.

– blowing your nose at the dinner table…*ugh!*
– honking at me when the light turned green just 0.1 seconds ago
– people who pass me up in the pouring rain *I’m driving slow for a REASON*
– people who DO NOT cover their mouths when they SNEEZE
– text-ing while driving
– lying
– overly dramatic people
– simple minded people

I changed this list up recently because nothing really bothers me much too much anymore. Not so much as an acceptance but rather me coming to terms with folks……hmm.

15 Day Challenge-Day 6

Day 6 – Something you really want at this moment.

Welp, something that I really want at this moment is to be able to go home. I really want to go home now. I miss having a room of my own and I just want to be able to go into my own room and just take a deep breath and feel like everything is going to be okay. I know that this process is taking longer than I or anyone expected but I am hanging in there. Something else that I would like is to be able to go to the beach. I really would like a nice get-a-way to a nice beach. I just wish I could treat myself to a nice little island get-a-way. And the last thing that I want at this moment is a car, I would really love having a car right now. I just need to take a little ride, you know? But yeah. Here are some pictures of things that I would like right now.

A trip to a nice beach
Photo credit: Bold Punch
 photo 073c8ee7-c2de-4082-8ca2-8fa81bb9a28c_zps0aa0dab0.jpg

Some box braids
Photo credit: We love black girls
 photo f0df14ad-ee62-43ac-a7a7-563f6c497f73_zpsf5681282.jpg

15 Day Challenge-Day 5

Day 5 – Your 5 celebrity crushes.

This challenge caught me at a bad time cause right now, I don’t have any real crushes or celebrity crushes sorry! I do have some guys that I will always think is cute but other than that, no one guy has my heart right now and I am thankful for that. When I get crushes, they usually consume my free time and I am always led to start daydreaming about them. I am glad that I don’t have anyone attached to my heart right now because I really need to focus on school. It’s been a while since I have been sprung over a guy but I am not welcoming the feeling to come back though! I feel good right now! It feels good to be single I am not saying that I want to stay that way though! No one guy has been catching my attention lately and I don’t watch TV like I did when I was younger. I see now that my TV stays on Disney channel and one reason being that I don’t have extended cable in my dorm room. Even if I did, my TV would stay on the Boomerang channel watching the good old classics. I do have slight crushes on a special someone but I don’t want to get clowned! Since he ain’t a real person, more of a super hero but enough of that! I guess I can give you on guy that I think is handsome…Adam Levine from Maroon 5.

 photo 066abc61-fbce-4c19-99c2-c04bcb72327c_zps3ee72a5c.jpg

15 Day Challenge-Day 4

Day 4 – The meaning behind your tumblr name.

Since I got this challenge off of Tumblr that is why the question is like that. But anyway not much to say on my Tumblr name, because my name on Tumblr is Simply Atte. Same as my site. I just wanted something that was going to fit me in the best way and I couldn’t think of a really cool name so I just named my Tumblr page after my personal blog. My Tumblr page and the things that I re-blog reflect a lot of my interests, likes and etc. so Simply Atte fits my page really well. Though I don’t like to encourage people to add me because I re-blog a lot of things and I hate when people follow and unfollow (though it is your choice to do so) you can browse my page by clicking here, “Simply Atte’s Tumblr page“. I am a random re-blogger and I don’t re-blog things like porn or nude photos which is what most people have the tendency to do but yeah. Enjoy the rest of your day people! Bye!

15 Day Challenge-Day 3

Day 3 – Your day, in great detail.

Okay my day was good, really good. I went to my Chemistry, General Biology and Statistics classes and I was done with the day. What made this day even better was the fact that my Zoology teacher told us that class was going to be cancelled for Thursday so I was really happy. I still have to work tomorrow though, man. I got something to eat from the Cafe after my Math class and it was pretty good. I think it was chicken something, I mean I know that it was chickens but I am not sure what the meal was called. There was mushrooms on it but I didn’t care for the mushrooms but the chicken was really good. I then went back to my room and took a well deserved nap. Man I was really tired and I just needed to lay down. I took a nap but I made plans to wake myself up to go to my dorm hall’s event. I almost missed it too but I got there in a reasonable time! We played a really fun game and won some candy and stuff. I was happy about my day and not to mention it was strangely cold today! Man, only Louisiana weather! See you all later!