I gotta find better snacks!

I don’t know why I often get the munchies like I do during the day but I get them. I am not even hungry when I go for a snack and when I mean hungry I am not full but I am not empty either. I just eat to eat and I am not sure why. I am not depressed and everything is okay. I just feel like I need to grab something to eat. I need to find a better snack to keep me during the day. Or maybe I should eat more at breakfast? Sometimes I have a craving for a second bowl of cereal but then I feel like I shouldn’t eat a second bowl because that is going to defeat the purpose of working out in the morning. (I work out first and then I go to breakfast but yeah I just wanted to add this in.) I am trying to stay away from the omelets and eggs because I feel that is the reason why my stomach isn’t doing so well during the day. I am really starting to think that I can’t eat foods filled with grease or cheese anymore and that makes me real sad. I love cheese…talking about this Cheese…

 photo fosters2021_zps51adb7bf.jpg

Remember him? Cheese from Foster’s Home for Imaginary friends?! I used to love that show! But yeah I really do like the food cheese and this character named Cheese. Anyway! I am going to be on the search for a better snack. I am not real sure if I should give myself two bowls of cereal each morning. I just want to see results but I feel like all the unhealthy snacking that I am doing during the day (candy, pickles, twizzlers) isn’t helping my case. I know that pickles aren’t that bad and candy isn’t that bad either. I have an issue with eating them in moderation though so that is why I am saying that I either need to fill up on breakfast or find a better snack that I can train myself not to be going for every second. The sourness of the pickles makes my yucky feeling go away and I noticed that. I hate feeling yucky inside but I am not sure what else to do. I really hope that I can find a better snack for tomorrow or that my stomach can handle some eggs at least. See you guys later.

Tuesday Workout/Food Diary #2

In the gym:
No gym this morning

-Orange juice, cinnamon toast crunch, oamlet (cheese and ham) and eggs
(I think I over did it this morning with the oamlet and eggs. I don’t like not feeling full at breakfast but I think I need to just give it some time so that my stomach can adjust to only juice, cereal and maybe a muffin. My stomach started feeling hurting as the day went on…man)

-Banana walnut cake slice
-Minute maid orange juice
-A pickle

-Small piece of chicken breast and some potatoes and a roll
-Some beef slices, think it was 2 slices
-2 cookies
-High C Fruit Punch
(I didn’t eat the whole thing though, only ate that small piece of chicken.)

In the gym:
Seated leg press
-2 sets of 10 at 100lbs
-2 sets of 10 at 120lbs

Pull down machine (for arms)
-4 sets of 10 at 50lbs

-Peanut butter jelly sandwich

Monday: Workout/Food diary #1

In the gym:
5:32 am to 6:02 am walked/jogged track
Then I did 4 sets of 10 on the leg presser thingy 2 at 40lbs and 2 at 100lbs
Then I did 4 sets of 10 on the pull down machine 4 at 50lbs

-Apple juice
-Cinnamon toast crunch
-Banana nut muffin

Snack at like 1:00 pm something 2 pickles

-High C fruit punch
-Small but of roll 2 cookies rice and chicken salad

In the gym:
7:58 pm to 8:29 pm walked/jogged track

Thigh machine:
-2 sets of 10 @ 100lbs
-2 sets of 10 @ 80lb
-1 set of 10 @ 120lbs

Arm pull down machine:
-4 sets of 10 at 50 lbs

More candy!!! Ugh! :-(