The results came in and…Obama won.

Yes it’s official president Barack Obama has won his second term of presidency. While watching the race last night I was getting worried because I thought that president Obama wasn’t going to get a chance to run a second term. Before we dig any deeper, yes I did vote for Obama and I do support him. I don’t agree with everything that he has done but I truly feel that he is the better candidate. I voted for him in 2008 and I gave him my vote in 2012. Whether you chose president Obama again or for some for the first time or if you chose governor Romney…THE CHOICE IS/WAS YOURS AND YOU A VERY MUCH ENTITLED TO IT. What I am going to speak on is all these silly ass graphics and statuses that have been going around on Facebook, on Instagram and on Tumblr. Before the election even started I saw some real disgusting graphics geared toward president Obama and governor Romney. Like seriously people?!

Well today was the day after the election and I log into my Facebook, (now let me mention I only got 51 friends on there…ugh I know right) to see the most disturbing status from a friend that I have ever saw from this person. I really made me want to not second guess and just delete the person but then again I feel if our friendship was really based upon Facebook and the fact that people post their feelings on there (now before I go on we ALL have been guilty of posting our feelings through social networks including myself but I just got tired of waiting for others to see my status and comment and I started finding BETTER ways to deal with my problems than social networks.)

I feel like this…sigh hold on I just want this all to come out right. I feel like many of the people complaining about Obama are some of the ones who STILL HAVE JOBS, come from well to do families and really didn’t have to struggle with things, though I know everyone is behind healthcare and is struggling with this issue. For this person to say this just made me angry because when I look at this person I don’t see any type of struggle that they’ve had to deal with and since I know them pretty well I can say that there isn’t anything, to my knowledge, that I know they’ve struggled with financially. Me on the other hand, I have been poor since birth no joking manner. My life was handed to me like it was and I have been doing my best to deal with it. My mother, a single mother, could have aborted me and my sister so that she could have an easier life…BUT SHE DIDN’T. My mother could have given up to someone else so that we could have had a better life…BUT SHE DIDN’T. We’ve never been a family that has had shiny things and everything that has come into my life I am so grateful for. (the reason why I just can let my collection of teddy bears go because I know that they were $$ that my mother spent for me to have). We’ve had FOOD STAMPS when I was younger and now but I don’t see my mother as a single mother who just mooches off the government because my mother worked really hard.

All these food stamp graphics, and all these hood rat graphics do hurt because I feel like having food stamps has been deeply associated with BLACK, single mothers with 5+ kids from different men. I don’t know how my high school friends saw me in high school but what that person said really hit a nerve. Sometimes I did used to be embarrassed when I was younger and I found out what food stamps were because I felt like I would get made fun of because of it. What I am getting at is this, though this person wasn’t directing this towards me it still feels like we are apart of the stereotype, the stereotype of BLACK, single mothers with 5+ kids and the fact that food stamps is negatively associated with being lazy.

I am not going to apologize for the past but I know that many others who receive food stamps aren’t on them because they are lazy and don’t want to work…but many of these graphics portray people like this and it’s pretty sad. I just wish people would really think before the speak and POST. Things aren’t going to get better over night and we are not going to all become millionaires but YOU please listen YOU! The CHANGE starts with YOU! President Obama can make as many laws as he wants to, it’s YOU the American public who needs to LEARN how to spend your finances a little bit better, no A LOT better. Did you really need that burger from McDonald’s today, knowing you have to put gas in your car? And knowing that you have food cooked at the house that you are probably going to throw out? Did you really need a $50 pair of shoes? There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself but if you haven’t gotten anything out of President Bush’s terms and this term but to be bitter and hateful…then America we REALLY haven’t learned anything, now have we?

We are supposed to be learning how to make better choices as a whole but instead we are too busy hating our neighbors, making hurting and immature graphics, and going to Facebook instead of God. I just want you to know, that God is looking down and He is NOT PLEASED and Satan is looking up and he is laughing uncontrollably. I know my MORALS and up-bringing…how about you? Have a nice night people.

Before go, check out this link on Tumblr, {CLICK ME}. Back then growing up where I did and with the people I did, this would have scared me and made me cry but now it just shows me how some people have completely STOPPED evolving, like really.

Alabama VS. LSU…my take.

So yes folks, before I go any further let me say that I am most def a Alabama, ROLL TIDE fan! I just want to reiterate that! I mean on here this is the first time that I have mentioned that I am a ROLL TIDE fan but on my Instagram and Twitter pages I go HAM ona’ ALABAMA!!! Sorry I was just trying to sound cool but let me stop.

Ugh okay this game, this game…THIS GAME! I was just too weak with everything and I don’t know why either! Like for real this is my second year as a college football fan and yes it is always a rush of excitement cheering for Alabama. Tonight I was scared because Alabama looked like they were getting real tired in the second half but at the last minute they picked it up again and I was real happy about that too! My nerves was bad but I am just glad that Bama pulled through. I am not an LSU fan but I really think they played a real good game cause I was afraid that LSU had it! And plus I really respected what Nick Saban had to say about LSU too so yeah. Anyway, let me go to sleep with this still in my mind.

I know this may seem super corny but I really am happy that Alabama won cause with everything going on in my personal life it made me real happy to see that my favorite team win. Shoot I will write about that later but since this is our last night in the hotel my sister and I were real happy to see something great! Night y’all.