Building a better blogging network.

And I am going to start by commenting more! I have for the LONGEST been trying to get into the hang of checking out other blogs and leaving love and things like that but I have a lot of outside sources that have been stopping me from doing so. One of those things…is college and studying. I have been trying to keep my site up along with balancing my school work and everything else but I haven’t been doing a very good job of that. I feel like I should be getting more out of my blog than just writing blogs everyday…I need FEEDBACK! I am so very thankful for Miss Kay @ Gurly Luxury because she does stop by and leave my comments but I haven’t been very well at returning them, sorry girl!

With my blog I was truly hoping to get more out of it than just blogging to blog. At first I admit I was like, “well I am not worried about getting comments and hits…” but now that I am down the road, about what 4 years later with this website and I see I really haven’t established a very good network of friends through blogging and that makes me pretty sad. I know I do hestitate with going into detail with some things but I feel like having a blog is an awesome way to connect with other bloggers and see what’s going on in their worlds. I will admit that I DO blog hop but sometimes when I read other people’s blog posts, I am not real sure how to jump into the conversation and leave a comment without sounding off. Really I browse sites a lot but that which I just mentioned is something that keeps me from commenting but yeah.

Another year is coming up and I am going to have to renew not only this site but 5 other sites. I don’t like renewing sites just to do it because that to me is wasting more money. I am hoping to get all 6 sites up (6 including Simply Atte) before their renewal so that I can feel like I have accomplished something with them. Domains are NOT cheap and neither is the hosting that I pay for them either. I really want to make sure that I am not just paying to renew for nothing so yeah. I hope everyone has a great week and I am going to do my best to leave some comments this week! Have an awesome week! Oh yeah I have joined the Better Blogger Network too so hopeful this will help me out some! Have a happy week friends!

Your rainbow is intensely shaded blue, violet, and orange.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you’ve mastered it. Others are amazed at how you don’t give up.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Determination by Robert Hawkins III

Years pass, Time flies, Love ones leave
Questions asked, Idols die, The world grieves,
The same blue sky,
The same dark night,
One mans cry,
For a chance at life,
Let life not ruin what is planned,
Only grab life by the hand,
Determination is all that we have,
Make life grand,
And take a stand,
First start with a plan.
The determination of man,
To keep his fight alive,
Only one can see from ones eyes,
Only one knows the determination inside

Poem Determination and by Robert Hawkins III
Poem credit: [CLICK ME]
Hope that you all have a great week.

Stressful week.

Yes this was a stressful week but I made it through. So many temptations to call it quits but I didn’t. Every time something happened I would just say in my mind, “He knows how much I can bare” so yeah.” and I stuck to that. I don’t think I am going to go into too much detail but just going to give a small recap of things.

I stayed away from working out this week because I figured that I needed to rest my knees but no matter what, nothing seem to help ease the pain. I know that I am putting a lot of weight on my knees but it seems like every time I go to work out, my knees start bothering me. I have been trying to work out ways for me to workout without stressing my knees out but no plans seem to help me avoid putting pain on my knee. Bummer. I want to lose weight so I guess I am going to have to fight through the pain. It stinks but me losing weight is the only way that my knees will feel better. Anyway let’s recap with everything else. Sunday night I lost my notes and so I didn’t have anything to study for my test. I rewrite my notes so that I can study and so I can read them clearly. After rewriting them I tore up the old notes and threw them away. Luckily whenever I couldn’t find my new notes I saw that my other notes were still in the trash. Really lucky. So I spent Sunday night to reconstruct my notes and then Monday (the day of the test) I had to go and pick up some tape, taped them together and studied. The test was pretty okay though. Next on Monday my mother and I went to see about a car loan deal at my bank but I didn’t get approved for it. That really made me sad because I feel like I have been working towards a car for so long and to have an official “no” for help…just made me really sad.

When I got back to campus I went to study in the library for a while and later on ended up getting my cellphone stolen…ugh! Why me? But I already know that I am not the first one to have this all happen to me so yeah. The rest of my week went okay and I know that things could have been worse but all this week I felt a little lonely without my phone. I don’t text but I do use my phone for so many social networks and more importantly my music. I can’t be without music!…well I am now. So yeah that was my week over cap. Everyday is a lesson and I am learning to truly NEVER SAY NEVER. I never thought cellphone theft could happen to me but it did and it is mainly my fault for being careless. Sheesh but have a great weekend folks.

What’s that smell?

Ammonia smell after exercising [CLICK]

Well well well what could THIS post be about? Well I am going to give a short overview of my workout week this week. Everything went well but I really must not tell a lie, I have been in the WORSE type of pain. I figured I was in so much pain because I was working to what I thought was “hard” but I just recently couldn’t stand this type of pain. I wasn’t thinking that I was pushing myself too hard but this type of pain is unbearable. What could I be doing wrong? I tell myself while working out to “push through the pain” but it is just temporary but I have started noticing something else. Since August, I noticed that my sweat has the most unusual well…SMELL. I know that sounds so weird but that is what it is. The smell has the aroma of iron, like nickle or something to that matter. It doesn’t smell like a normal sweat smell and I noticed today that it was unusually strong. Also the fact that I was super tired and felt like my body was about to give up on me. I thought that me pushing myself would be a good thing but I think that something else is going wrong with me.

I did some investigating online and I found this article that makes sense. I don’t know if the smell could be an ammonia smell but I seriously think that it is. I am going to post a little excerpt from this blog post on sweat smelling like ammonia.

ATHLETE ANSWER: Twice in my running career I have experienced this same crazy thing. First I kept thinking everything around me had just been cleaned with ammonia. When I realized I was the only one who could smell it, I figured I had caught some virus that made me very toxic. I never connected it with training until I sat next to a cyclist on a plane. He told me he was experiencing this and had found out it was connected with his training.

I called my buddy, Inge McClory, from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, and asked her why this happens. She answered the following: The smell you are experiencing is acetate. It means your muscles are using ketones for fuel. You use ketones for fuel when your glycogen levels are depleted. This will happen after prolonged exercise. To avoid it, replenish after exercise. Use an energy drink that has both electrolytes and carbohydrates. This will delay ketone utilization. Take care and drink up!

After looking at this article everything started making sense to me like the pain, the tiredness, and more importantly the SMELL. This scared me a little because I know that I don’t eat three times a day because I don’t make time like one should. Yes I do get hungry but I just don’t make time to feed myself because I feel like everything I eat I end up putting back on what I just worked off in the gym. So definitely my lesson is learned. I am in more pain than ever and I just feel so sick and tired from everything. I really think it is going to be BEST for me to take a small break from working out so hard. On Tuesday and Thursday I went to the gym twice for 1hr and 15 min. so yeah. Well that is all for me for now folks, see yah.

Happy Birthday, Sis!

My sister! My sister Leah! She was born the day after our mother’s birthday, pretty neat huh? I am not going to say too much because I already posted so much on Facebook  and Instagram but I just wanted to come on my site and show some love to my sister like I did my mother. I am very thankful for my mother and sister and I am just happy that they got to see another year and with me. Remember count your blessings one by one and every day is surely a BLESSING. Thanks!