Starting the week off, right.

Hello folks, I got some news to tell you! Okay it really ain’t news but I think today will officially start my weight loss blog! I have been meaning to come on here last week and the week before last to post journals of the things that I have been eating and how I have been working out. I thought my Instagram plugin on the side was working but I just noticed that it wasn’t…ugh! I am not sure what is going on with it but I am going to fix it soon but not now I am busy right now. (that was joke…never mind.)

Anyway! So yeah today is the official start day! Like I mentioned before, last week and the week before last was just a pre-test week to see how I can fit working out into my college schedule without over doing it or working myself out to the point where I don’t feel like studying or anything like that. So on this blog I am going to start by listing my current weight and my goal weight. I think also posting a picture of myself will also give me motivation to keep blogging more in hope of pushing the photos of me off the front page, LOL. Besides some people are real rude and careless these days and will do anything for Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter fame. Everyone wants to be a celebrity nowadays and they like to clown photos of people. I am not talking about the ones where people are just down right nasty in because I mean really some of those photos are just too much but I am talking about the ones were people are just taking a normal photo and some one grabs it and pictures mean captions on it…like the human race don’t have nothing better to do. Anyway.

I will post my photos for this later because I don’t have my camera right now. Really I can’t find it. I think I gave it to my sister to use but other than that I haven’t the slightest clue where it ran off to. I hope it’s not down by the house…probably is though. Okay let’s start!

photo here.

Age: 22
Current weight: 250 lbs.
Problem areas: arms, stomach, THIGHS

Age: 23
Goal weight: 140 lbs.
Problems areas fixed: ?

Defeated once again?

So yeah you guys, what’s up? I have been doing pretty OKAY emphases on OKAY because things around me are not so okay…they are a little bit worse. Alright I don’t want to sound like a “drama queen” or anything like that I surely don’t want to sound ungrateful either but I just feel like, I don’t know I know I don’t feel too happy with myself. Sigh. I am just stressing about my home state more than anything because all of a sudden, it hit me that we can’t go back to our home. As of now, we are staying in a motel I believe or a hotel, one of the two because I am not sure what the difference is between them. I think we were only supposed to stay here until the first I believe but last week or week before last my mom found an apartment complex that would accept us to stay there. I was relieved because I did feel real bad being away from my mom and sister while they were in the hotel and I was in my dorm so I just had my heart set on that place but we got some bad news.

Yesterday, I called my mom to see how she was doing because she managed to catch a cold and wasn’t really sounding so well the last time we spoke. So whenever I called her to see how she was doing, she told me how she was denied the apartments that we were going to move into because of her financial situation. I was upset because I just had my mind set on her being able to move into a home and out of this hotel (which don’t get me wrong this hotel is real nice) but that didn’t happen. I wasn’t totally upset though and I think that is because I am still in a daze with everything. I will try to explain things a little better. It’s just been my mom, sister and I ever since we were younger well born really and we have been in this same financial state since my mom had us. All through elementary and high school my mom had to struggle to get things for my sister and I and there were those some times where she really didn’t have it. Seeing my mom like this even as a child made me wish that I could win some large amount of cash so that we could get out of this.

And now being a senior in college seeing that things are STILL the same, just eats me up inside. I feel like nothing has gotten better (it’s not a feeling, nothing really hasn’t improved) and that I am just living my life in circles. I feel more lonely than ever and if I am not around my mom and sister then the feeling is worse, hence why every weekend my freshmen and sophomore year I would just want to come home on the weekend, knowing that our home situation wasn’t the best especially for me to study in because I would sit at the computer and just browse the internet for stuff. You know those movies were the families go through things growing up but things eventually get better? I figured after I graduated from high that one of them Lifetime movies would be me…but things didn’t happen like that for me.

Right now, I would rather say that things are okay and that we are blessed than to complain because I don’t have an angry spirit like I did before. I don’t feel bad whenever I see others with the things that I wish my mom could afford for myself and herself. Right now, I am inserted into the situation but I am watching myself and my family from afar. I am not going to try to figure out why things are like they are because doing so makes me sick. I just would rather keep on keeping on in hopes that things will get better without me even noticing because as of now, I just decided to stop worrying about it. I have a strong feeling that this thing will fix itself but not if I keep dwelling on it. Thanks.

Hurricane Isaac Aftermath.

Ugh where do I begin? I am not sure myself but I am going to start and just write things out the best way that I can. Hurricane Isaac was pretty weird I must say. At first, he wasn’t moving as fast as other hurricanes do and on top of that it was a hurricane 1 and it ended up doing a lot of water damage. This is the first hurricane that I can honestly say that brought us as much water damage as this one did. My mother’s room is completely damaged from the water and water came into a house and destroyed some of our living room items. I had some water damage to my bathroom and I believe to my roof from all the raining. Sheesh I mean you guys I never saw this coming. I always wondered what would happen if water came across the road from the river and now I know. Everything hasn’t hit me yet; I guess because I have been having to sleep uncomfortably because my mother has my bed. First weekend home from school I slept on the couch but now I decided to sleep in my sister’s room with her. Anything to save pain from my back will do. During the hurricane, I had to sleep on the floor so right about now I would have to say that I am just thankful that I have a place to lay my head. I am going to post some photos that I am going to be taking and some that I have already taken so that I can show you guys where the water went. My sister’s car that I was planning on getting fixed got destroyed from the water and it’s no good now. I was real upset about that fact because I was so close to having a car that I could use to get me from point A to point B.

It’s okay though because I am going to be working HARDER if I can to try to save up for a car. I am pretty sure some would think that I would have had the money already from working since last year but I haven’t. I could give a million excuses about why I don’t have the money for a car right now but it won’t do me no good. End of the day, I don’t have much saved up for one and so that’s why I am still carless now. Something else I wanted to talk about was the assistance that was given down home…AMAZING! I am not here everyday to notice everything but I remember during Hurricane Katrina how Red Cross was giving out food plates for our area and I just thought that was the sweetest thing ever. Well just like for Hurricane Katrina, the Red Cross and another group (will have to find their names) are out here in Head of Island giving out cleaning supplies, blankets, care bags and hot plates. I couldn’t be more happier about that too. Their kindness really makes me happy, you know. If I EVER get my hands on some extra cash, Red Cross (and this other organization) will be on that list to get some of it! I really appreciate them doing that for the people down here.

All in all none of my family members lost their lives and we all made it through to see another day and I am so thankful for that. Man and to think I was one of those people who was like, “that could never happened to us…” well hurricane Isaac just proved that it can and will. I think I am SURELY going to take evacuating more seriously than I ever have and I am going to be more concerning with focusing on these hurricanes and their strange behavior. Lesson learned.

Have I lost my designing mojo?

Image credit from Tumblr: CLICK ME

I think so! It’s like I can’t come up with something real cute nowadays. I know that I have been away from designing for a while but I never thought it would be this complicated to design something really cute for a layout. I have browsed and browsed and…BROWSED just to find something cute for inspiration for a new layout of my own. Nothing has really hit me yet and so I am still trying to come up with something cute. I really thought that the “cute” factor was inside this layout that I designed a while back…but it’s not. I am thinking to myself constantly, “why did I make this layout in this color?!” It isn’t really sticking to me like my other layouts have and so I am just trying to be positive and hopeful something brilliant will come to me. I really thought about doing some sketches for this site but then I was like,


For real! It might help me out a bit but I am boggled down with school and exams so yeah I think them sketches may have to wait. Anyway I just wanted to rant on my layout and such. I am really thinking about having another layout out soon it the theme may be for Breast Cancer Awareness month but then again I wanted to do something for Halloween too even though I don’t celebrate Halloween the holiday colors are really cute and I have been wanting to do something towards dark colors. My favorite season is approaching soon and I can tell with all the cool fronts coming through Louisiana! Fall well Autumn is my favorite season and I think I may try to do something towards those colors, you know something on the warm side but yeah I am not sure yet. Those are just some theme ideas that have been running inside my head. I know that October and November are going to be really busy for me because of school but I am hoping to fit some days in where I can work on my layout and make something super cute. That’s all for now folks! Peace.

Working out, ain’t working out.

So friends, its been a while since I last blogged like last month! I was supposed to be coming on here posting my daily journals with my weight loss but I haven’t been doing that. And you know WHY I haven’t been doing that…? Because I have been procrastinating in school with getting my work done and so I have been behind on my work and sleeping. I really thought that this hurricane break that we had would help me with getting some things caught up but it didn’t. I was uncomfortable during that break and I barely got any quiet time and whenever I did, I used that time to surf the internet, tweet, and listen to music. Oops. Well it could have happened to anyone, right? That is what I am hoping I mean that is what I am really hoping. I am going to make a post about that hurricane and its aftermath to my home later but as for now I want to focus on this post.

Sigh and so whenever I got back from the hurricane Isaac break, I saw that I was completely behind on doing some of the things that I was supposed to do. I just got real lazy over the break and I was real boggled down with other personal things that I just wanted to rest and relax myself. Oh well. So yeah like I was saying whenever I got back to campus I had planned to have my workout schedule done so that I could know what to do. Well thinking that I was going to be back home from the hurricane, I left the little poster that I mapped out to put my schedule and planned workout schedule on in my house. It was about a week and a half before we could get back to my home because the water had came across the road and my home ended up getting flooded…whoa! This was a first! So yeah I was off (off meaning I was confused as what to do next) whenever I came back to school becasue I wasn’t real sure how to fit my workout plans into my crazy schedule that I have now.

So yeah that is what happened to the whole “workout” blog that I was going to do. Sorry! Well I am really only sorry to myself becasue I know how much I want this and because of my procrastination I haven’t been able to focus on my workout plans. I really hope to get on track soon so that I can start keeping track of things like I am supposed to! Wish me luck for this new week and the weeks to come!