Expect a new layout…

Ooo-weee! Ugh this WordPress layout is nice and all but I am just ready to mix things up and start designing again! I think I will have sometime in early August to throw something together. That is I really hope that I do! I miss making my own designs and I am going to try to mix up some stuff that I know with the stuff I learned in class last semester. But yeah expect one soon. Bye!


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What I did today. #1

This is my first, “What I did today.” type post so I am hoping that I can accomplish getting more of these on here. That may even motivate me to come on here and post more, LOL anyway! I went college dorm room shopping with my mommie. I have been looking for a nice college chair that I could take with me to school for my room. I seen those little saucer chairs but they really didn’t look like that would support much weight and they looked so low to the ground. I found a nice sized saucer on Pottery Barn Teens but it was like $100+ and I was like umm no. I FINALLY found one that I liked at Bed Bath and Beyond is it’s this one right here.

In Bed Bath and Beyond they have a chair set up and I was so excited that I had found it! I sat down in it and it was nice! Super comfortable and high enough from the ground so I wouldn’t have to crawl just to get out of it! The zebra print on the inside is just what I was looking for too cause my sheets are going to be zebra. Only issue is that the chair only came in purple or blue and my sheets are pink and green. Darn. But I really hope they don’t clash too much though. I post pictures later on when I get everything, maybe on my Flickr account.

Next I went to the Books-A-Million in TowneCenter in Baton Rouge. This Books-A-Million is NICE! I really went there to see about getting that “50 Shades of Grey” book but I am really not a sex book reader. I thought I was going to be interested in it but I passed on it. It seems to be more explicit than the V.C. Andrews books but yeah. I like to read and I hope to find more books to read while I am in college. Anyway I did manage to pick up my 2 book in the Sailor Moon series.

Since I am doing an owl theme in my room, I picked up that owl that is solar power. He moves his head from left to right and I thought he was so cute! But anyway like I said before I am going to take more photos of my room when I move in. Enjoy.

Linking my site to LiveJournal?

I was seriously thinking about forwarding this domain name to my LiveJournal account. Why? I am not really blogging as much as I would like to on Simply Atte and I write way more on my LiveJournal but that could cause some issues though…sigh I will work something out. I really don’t want to give up on my Simply Atte but I am not sure how to make my blog, welp…INTERESTING. I don’t want to give up my domain name completely but I do see that I am not really on here as much as I would like to be. I made a promise to myself to start blogging more on here but things just got in the way *coughs* Chemistry *coughs* so yeah. Whenever I get onto the internet I either go straight to YouTube to listen to some jams or to my LiveJournal account to blog. Speaking on YouTube, I have been meaning to start making some video blogs but I just am pretty busy with things, okay not things, SCHOOL. I am busy trying to do well in most of my courses but yeah.

I have been really thinking about if it would be worth to renew my Simply Atte domain because it is coming up soon. Like next week soon so yeah. I really am going to try to start doing more blogs on some stuff about my college experiences and things like that. Ugh I gotta find something to do with my blog! Something interesting and something that will attract viewers and not SPAM! I opened up my WordPress blog and saw that I had like 24 comments thinking they were from real people…NO! They was all spam and I was so mad! I felt played! But anyway you guys I am really going to find some more things that I can incorporate into this blog because I don’t want to just give up on it completely. I will soon be out of Summer school and so I will have more time to do things like designing and whatnot. I hope that I can get my web design and graphic design site up but with doing web and graphic design sites, it is SO EASY to get lazy and just want to leave it alone. This is why I made sure that I didn’t choose web and graphic design as a career. I just felt, NO I KNEW, that I really wouldn’t keep up with my clients so well. Being in front of a computer screen for 1 day can lead to like 1 or 2 hours of work and for me this is true. Welp talk to you guys later!

My major STILL in question.

Sigh. I haven’t been able to think quite straight these past few days. I have been going in and out of a daze with school and with this major. As you know, I am a Biology major attempting Optometry but I am not sure how long this will last. I have been struggling with my Chemistry and Physics classes like crazy and I am just ready to try another option. I have been looking into other majors and weighing my options with that but yeah. I am not going to ramble too much on my major. Just wanted to make a small update though! I am still here!…

College is killing me.

I am not sure where to begin. It seems like every time I try with college thing, I never seem I get too far. This Chemistry 121 class has been kicking my butt for the past two semesters and I have 3 more sets of Chemistry to go, all to become a doctor of Optometry. Even after I receive my Biology degree I think have to decide whether or not I want to go to school to become an actual Optometrist. How much more can my G.P.A. take?

I have tried to look for other majors but unfortunately I don’t have that much of an interest in anything else but science. Yes I love science but I am not good with working mathematical equations. I just have a passion for learning about things in a scientifically way. Becoming an eye doctor is something that I have had my heart set on…but I am starting to wonder if it will be worth shooting for. I shadowed one Optometrist to get a hang of what they do and I was so excited. The doctor that I shadowed was very helpful and it made me feel more confident about going for Optometry. But dealing with these Chemistry classes are surely enough to make me rethink it.

I never knew a simple thing as a class could make me feel so…un-SMART. A fellow classmate told me though that I wasn’t dumb and that these courses such as Chemistry and Physic were really hard. So I have been trying to encourage myself and to just keep up with it. I know I don’t have much time to blog anymore but just know that I am still here, just most likely studying, working or sleeping! Bye y’all.