Social networks for young adults?

Man I am telling you, that WordPress app for iPhone would really come in handy right about now. I just don’t know how to get it to work and I have made sure everything was enabled on this blog for it to do so. I am going to try it again before I get ready for work. Man I can sometimes hate working at night. Having to drive 30 minutes back in the dark to my home all just to get up and be at work again for 8:00 am. It gets tiring but I am thankful that I have this little job. It is really teaching me and modeling me because they are some days when I want to go off on people. Just because I am nice doesn’t mean that I am not going to scream when you step on my toes, ok? So many people mistake me for being weak due to other encounters they’ve experienced with me but I am far from it and I get taken for granted quiet often. I am learning that I don’t have to prove that I am a force to be reckoned with to everyone and what ever negative opinion that they form of me can’t hurt me, unless it’s TRUE. So.

Anyway I am always getting off topic with things. I wanted to come on here and blab about social networks and how I am just tired of running into lame ones. Are there any social networks, for young adults? The ones that I have been finding lately have a huge population of children. No offensive I love duh kids but at the same time I would like to find something where I could meet others close to my age, you know? Don’t get me started on Twitter and Facebook. I notice that the few people who complain about Twitter and Facebook are the ones who usually have one. (which is me) So just to save myself some breath I won’t go in on Twitter and Facebook. I will give Facebook props for having awesome games but Facebook makes lurking from a distance POSSIBLE, no lie. I mean really do my sister’s friends need to know that she commented on my status? I think that is just too much. Twitter, Twitter brings out the worse and the best in people and because there is so much celebrity action and reaction on there and the fact that people think that they can say what they want and have the computer screen as their shield makes me really dislike Twitter. I was never good at TRUE social networking but the few friends that I did make, the good ones, came from my Yahoo! messenger chat system!

Those were the good old days! When you could just log onto Yahoo! chat and just…chat! And going into chat rooms and having people send out your name so their contacts could add you (which was annoying because I would have a whole contact list filled with NINJAS I ain’t even know and their status messages would be LAME songs and such…sheesh). On Yahoo! messenger is where I met some really great friends but even then I was super young and people were super evil. If I could give any advice to this young kids it would to be very careful. I remember having thought that I was talking to girl my age but I was really talking to older men. And those men were just so nasty. It is easy to be taken advantage of over the internet so y’all just please be careful.

But yeah now that I do have social networks like InstaGram and Tumblr, I notice that it is just a bunch of younger kids who create the bigger portion of these networks (at least that is how it feels *sad face*) and not much of my age group is on there. If they are I haven’t found them yet. Man I even at one point had made an account on Friend Project (don’t laugh!) cause I really missed Myspace! I was so happy too! I got on there and made a layout and EVERYTHING!…then 3-5 days later or some weeks later I deleted it. It’s no fun when you don’t have anyone to talk to. I got to give Friend Project points though. I mean they literally copied the ENTIRE Myspace theme and layout and produce a site of their own. Only issue is that the youngsters is all over that network too!

I guess it is time for me to step away from the computer screen, and to start making friends…in the real world. NO!!! REAL PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!!! They don’t! I don’t know what it is about social networking virtually but I have yet to meet someone in person that shares the same interests as me like I do through social networking virtually. I guess that is why I am so attached to it! I mean not to say that the people that I met over the internet weren’t real because they were, but the only thing holding us back was the distance…*if I could go the distance* (song by Michael Bolton)

Anyway, I decided to start giving networking OUTSIDE and AWAY from the computer a chance…*side eye*. I wanted to see, well THINK about joining NAACP on my campus and then there was BSU that I thought about too. I am actually in 3 organizations right now, DOA, BUGS and a small community service one. DOA is for pre professional students and the BUGS group is for Biology majors. The community service group is a group of ladies that help out during football season. With the exception to the community service one cause I really just joined, I haven’t really met anyone in these groups. Thinking that I would, because that was my major and I could find others who were in my major but I haven’t yet. These groups are small and they don’t meet a lot because of that. I am hoping to find more groups to join on campus. I am not going to join every group though because some of them have dues you know! (and a sistah tryna save for a CAR!) But yeah that was my mini rant on that! Bye folks!

Do your children REALLY need name brand clothing?

I mean really, I am being really serious whenever I ask that. Do your children REALLY need name brand clothing? As you know I work in retail and I have been at this current job for about 8 months or so now and let me tell you, from the RUDE customers to the thieves nothing every gets old working in retail. Well at least it doesn’t to me. On my other journal I wrote about how a customer got really outrageous about a sign that she misread and said that it was misleading and demanded that call a manager so she could complain. Y’all she said that our sign that said, “Get 20% off today when you GET a card” which is our brand credit card, meant that you got the 20% when you USED your card…but the sign says “GET”. She rose all hell and at first I thought she was playing but no this woman was serious! I have had more outragous encounters with customers but those stories will come down the road.

I wanted to write about this on Sunday but I got busy with something else. I have been trying to figure out how to make my iPhone WordPress app work but for some reason it will not log me in. I be wanting to blog while I am at work from my phone but I can’t because I can’t get that app to work for me *sad face* and I have to get some smilies soon! Me writing out “*sad face*” is getting a little boring! Anyway folks! On Sunday at work in the afternoon, someone tried to run out with our clothing in their hands. I was working the other side and so I wasn’t able to see the person who was stealing but I heard the LPM screaming to the customer that she was going to hurt her baby if she didn’t let go of the item. I am guessing the LPM and person stealing was playing tug of war with the clothing item and the person stealing had their baby in their arms or so, not sure didn’t see it. But when I heard the baby start to cry, it truly broke my heart. She was willing to cause harm to her own baby just for some clothes…that really hurts.

When I first started working back in retail some months ago, I have to admit something. When other workers would describe folks who looked suspicious and for us to watch them and their descriptions would be of black people, I would sometimes wonder why such the stereotype. I really would get offended because to me it felt like they would stereotype most of the black people that came into our store. But as the months went on, and I started to notice that my people were the ones who were truly doing the crime, then I did let it go. I always would say I don’t like the whole stereotype thing but black people we are the ones who keep creating the traps for ourselves and the next generations to come. To what extent would you go to make sure that your children had NICE clothes? What defines “nice clothing”? Is it the name brands? Is is that new clothes smell? Is it appearance?

Providing for your child and making sure that he or she has everything that they need to survive doesn’t mean that you take on the role of “Robin Hood” and sacrifice your freedom for some name brand items. And if this person was that willing to harm their child behind some clothes (trust me y’all my heart dropped when I heard the baby cry cause as the LPM was saying that she was going to hurt her baby, guaranteed the baby started crying) there is no telling what they will do. Y’all need to stop filling your heads with the ideas of, “well I’mma do what I have to do to get by no matter what!” and start saying that, “I know that I don’t have much but I am going to do the BEST that I can to provide for my children and make sure that they are not in harms way and if I can’t afford it then it’s obviously a WANT and not a NEED.” and know that you are doing the very best for your child. Your kids having nice clothing doesn’t mean that you are a GOOD PARENT, I guess it just means that your child is well dressed and yes I understand that children can be so mean at school. Trust me I went through that with the teasing and fat jokes so I know. (my second grade bully was a boy and he HATED me so!)

Ugh I could go on and on with this but I think it would be safe to just stop right now. I have to work on some homework and other things but yeah. I just wanted to share that little experience with y’all. Happy blogging until next time.

And still no car for me.

On Monday, when I thought that I was going to have to force my RESIGNATION for the college because I didn’t have enough funds to cover me, I started thinking that I could maybe use this time to work more hours at work in hopes of saving for a car. But then things worked out and so now I am in school most of my time so I can’t work much anymore. I commute to campus which is a 45 minute drive from my house and then from my house to my job is a 30 minute drive. I know that it is taking a toll on my mother’s very small red car. It’s the only one that us three have and so we have to be careful. I remember in April whenever my mother’s car was at its worse and she and I were driving back home to get ready to go out for my birthday dinner. I had to slam on breaks because the car in front of me did so. And so when I did that our car’s CVS joint broke and I couldn’t press the gas without it making a weird scary noise. Someone told us it was the transmission and my mother freaked. (transmissions are really expensive to repair and this car is a used car and has about 180,000+ miles on it already) Luckily we figured out that it was the CVS joint which was way cheaper.

But anyway with that said, I have been helping with splitting the cost of the things that pop and go wrong on the car with my mother, for example the tires. And with me always eating my check (spending money at Sonic and Burger King because that’s like comfort food for me when I am dealing with a lot) I managed to save up $0 dollars and $0.00 cents…yeah. It is pretty depressing when I say, “Okay! I’mma get a job and I’mma save up for my car and everything is going to be GREAT!…” but when life keeps happening at all random times like it usually does, I can’t help but to spend money on things that I need and on the things that I DON’T need but wanted. With all the over eating I have been doing to take my mind off of things, I have noticed that I have gained most of the weight that I lost back. Okay not most of it, ALL of it. RAWR! And finally with me only working two days out of the week because I really feel like I must focus on studying and such I don’t get paid much money. Really I don’t get paid anything *sad face* It was either me stop making as much money as I would like to or fail out all of my classes and work in retail for the rest of my life…so I decided to start taking my classes more seriously.

I need cash because I am going to need to start paying for a lot of things (bills wise) but then that puts a damper on my transportation issues. If I don’t have a way to get to work, then I can’t save up for a car cause I won’t be making that much and the few that I do make I have to help with paying things around the house…super sigh. Man I sure hope that I am able to see some type of car that is mine before I graduate college!

Summer school…

Oh wow y’all and let me tell you that Monday was the most eye opening experiences that I have ever had in a while. I wrote about the things that happened on Monday on LiveJournal so for me to come on here and just rewrite everything again would be a real waste and I am already on a crunch for time. I will say that I had a really big run around with yet again my financial aid and this was the first time that it has ever gotten this bad. I know some of you are going to probably say that I should try to do my financial aid early and I am what I am going to say to that is this…I DO HAVE MY FINANCIAL AID DONE ON TIME. But for some reason I always end up into some kind of trouble with it.

Ugh but enough with that. I just want you to know, after all of that happening in one day I learned to become more patient and more humble for the little things in life. Also that Jesus had me in His arms and there also was my mother so yeah. And like I said in my other blog, just because things didn’t work out for other people that were going through the same issues that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t favor them. I know and I am really learning how STOP counting my CURSES and to stop thinking that the bad things that happen to me are only happening to me because they are not. That day I saw the students dealing with some similar issues as myself so I do hope that they found peace.

Now let’s speak about the classes…hmm. See last Summer in 2011 I took so fairly easy classes which all included:

CMPS 235- Website design and construct
HIST 101- Western Civ. to 1500
HIST 102- Western Civ. since 1500

And ALL my classes were super interesting and I took that CMPS 235 online and made an A! I love web design and so for me to make an A in the class made me feel really good. I made a B in both HIST 101 and HIST 102 and I enjoyed them because I really like learning about our history. And another plus to that was that both of my History teachers were comedians I would say so I had fun! This Summer semester I would have to say that none of my professors have a “goofy” side to them. Maybe because they have to be serious all the time or because I am taking all science courses…hmm.

I really had to step outside of myself and take a look at me and how I was struggling with these sciences courses within this major. I am just trying to see if what I am fighting for is really worth it, you know? Having to retake a class because I didn’t make the grade that I needed to get into the other class, having to use my Summer to retake those classes, and having to worry about my what seems like it will never rise GPA can really take a toll on your dreams and your faith. Trust me, I have been fighting this major and college since 2009. It’s too late to switch into something else but I also know that if I can’t get pass what I need to this Summer, then I think it is going to be a SAFE idea to finally call it QUITS. I know that I tried and that I haven’t changed since 2009 and so I yeah. If things don’t work out like I am hoping for them to, I just think I am going to move into something else because I don’t want to be stuck trying to get pass point A when everyone else is at point G. I am proud that I did keep up with this for this long though and I am not going to worry or stress with it anymore.

My procedure went well.

So yes you guys this Tuesday, my mother and I had to have an esophagoscopy done to check out if our stomachs were functioning correctly. My mother has been having really sharp pains going on in her tummy and I have been having some type of feeling going on throughout my body that I can’t explain. Sometimes after I would eat something, I would feel really “yucky” inside as if I shouldn’t have eaten what I ate. I had the hardest time trying to figure out what is going on with my body and then trying to explain what I am feeling to the doctor. The best way I could describe it was that I feel nauseated, but I would never have to throw up. I remember one time that the feeling got some bad that I really thought that I was going to vomit but nothing happened.

And my poor mother has always been experiencing pains in her stomach for quiet some time. I wasn’t worried until after we got the results from our tests. My mother and I had our procedures done on the same day and so when she was in waiting, I was in waiting. My Grandmother and sister were there with us to keep up company. Unfortunately, they didn’t find anything in my tummy but he said that he wanted check gall bladder…not to mention this procedure was $100. Also unfortunately they found out why my mother was having those sharp pains in her stomach, she has some ulcers in her tummy. *sad face*

At first I wasn’t worried about my mother but then when the rest of the I-V medicine wore off and I came back to senses (that I-V stuff was like WHOA!) I did start to worry. She has always been having some issues with her stomach and I just, I don’t know. I just wish that they could fix her so that she wouldn’t keep having all these issues. It just motivates and pushes me to hurry and finish college so my mother and Grandmother can both see me walk down the aisle to get my diploma. Sigh.

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