Hey there folks.

Back again. I been missing blogging, I really have but every time I feel like I have something good to say it never seems to be the right thing or I let it go. I know before I was just use to talking about “web/graphic design” and “college“. Well this time around, I would like to more personal on here…BUT NOT TOO MUCH! It never fails it is always that LAST person you’d expect to be concerned about you…they be ALL UP’IN YOUR BUSINESS. Hmm!

So yeah mentioning college, how is it going for me? Besides trying to survive as a Biology major and the second thoughts of whether or not this major is really worth it and me realizing all of this in the middle of my JUNIOR year of college…college is OK. It’s not where I would like it to be but for now it is okay, college is okay. I have really just been trying to stay as focused as I can with everything and just hoping that I CAN make it through this.

All in all, I am going to be in summer school this summer while working to STILL try and save up for that car I have been desperately needing. Every time I seem to get my hands on some cash, LIFE decides to happen and I end up spending them funds. Sad story but I know other college students are trying too. Going to be adding some cool plugins on my blog soon and yeah I hope I get to meet more bloggers across the net! See yah!