I’m so sad!!!

I go away, I come back. I go away, I come back. I decide to stay for a while…then I quit momentarily…hmp! What is really going on with the blogging world? I remember it used to be so fun and excited but now, not so much. I should really be the one to speak with all the leaving and coming back that I keep doing huh. Sheesh.

I will have things up and running later but I just need a brief moment of silence for the files that didn’t make it to this host…*SILENCE*. It’s like every time I try to move my files from WordPress blog to WordPress blog, I forget to back up the database and whatever else and then I am stuck DOWNLOADING a new account for WordPress…man! Well we all need a new start I guess but I do miss my site post! ;-(

I am going to do my best to make sure that this blog gets A BUNCH of new posts coming straight from me, from the HEART! Welp, that’s it for now since I can’t salvage them dang posts…UGH! Alright PEACE.